The core mission of your LTA revolves around education, recognition, and advocacy. To that purpose, we have been updating and upgrading our website in a couple of key ways. The roll-out of these changes is happening now, and we’d love to get your feedback about what we are doing right or wrong or what new ways your LTA can serve the trustee community.

The biggest addition to the site is our trustee boot camp. There have been conversations at the state level for years to mandate library trustee training, and we want to get ahead of the curve in being a provider of that education. To that end, we are building an online course for everything you need to know to fulfill the role you chose and were chosen to do. Modeled after the structure of the Trustee Handbook by Jerry Nichols and Rebekkah Smith Aldrich (available as a PDF download from the, we are using proven online learning techniques to create a soup-to-nuts, minimally painful learning experience to get any new trustee up to speed as fast as possible, while also filling in any gaps a trustee may have been unable to fill on their own.

In addition, we will finally be getting our Policy Database up and running again. We have heard from trustees and others inside and outside of our state that they value that resource, and we are making sure that it continues in a way that future-proofs its existence, while also maintaining its freshness and usability. However, we will need your help to populate the database with the most current and compliant policies available. If you would like to contribute some of your library’s policies, email them to me at or send me a link to them on your website, and I will enter them into the database.

But, that low bar is not where we’re planning to stop. There are so many great contributors in the library community that have so many great ideas, we plan to bring them to you. We are rolling out webinars, interviews, articles, and other documents that will help you take your library to the level your patrons deserve.

In the recognition arena, we are rolling out a wider effort to highlight the outstanding efforts of trustees around the state. In a vein similar to our Velma K Moore award, we will be showcasing the work of the best among us in order to challenge the rest of us to step up our games.

In the advocacy arena, we have set up a page for you to update your list of trustees and their addresses in order not only to make sure you continue to receive our popular newsletter, but also so we can contact you if we feel the weight of the trustee community needs to weigh in on a matter of great urgency. Our voices are louder together.

Lastly, we would like to thank the person mainly responsible for the updated, fresh, professional, and mobile-friendly look of the site. Betsy Emery has and will continue to do a wonderful job of aiding our efforts to aid yours.