When the new Rogers Memorial Library opened in late 2000, the Young Adult Department was among the first of its kind in Suffolk County. In the past, teen services in most public libraries were typically part of the children’s department and many a library administrator and/or trustees thought, why would you want to give teens their own space, more of them might visit and you know how disruptive they could be!!!

Well, the board and administration of the Rogers Memorial Library recognized the importance of teens using the library and acknowledged that teens needed their own space and made this part of the building design.  Our original Young Adult Department serviced the community teens quite well for many years and it was a design model for other libraries in the county. Over the years, more teens used the library, technology changed the way teens used the library, more staff were needed and eventually it became clear the department needed more space and a facelift.  In 2011 the board began exploring how the department could be updated and embarked on a renovation that was completed in the spring of 2012. The project included the creation of space by moving stacks and staff desks out of the room, purchasing new, teen friendly furniture, carpeting and of course paint. Updated computers were installed and a staff workspace was created outside the teen room with built in desks, shelving and storage.

With the increased and updated space, use of the room is on the rise and we are pleased that the library is a “go-to” place for teens in our community.  The project was made possible in part by the generous support from the Rogers Memorial Library Foundation.