Save The Date! May 18, 2013

Our Mission is to foster a community effort to celebrate and promote reading by connecting teens and authors.

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Why a Teen Book Festival?

Teens can often be overlooked in libraries, with much attention, money, and resources given to children and adults.  Caught in the middle of budgetary and time constraints, this is our opportunity to dedicate an event to teens, to encourage their reading, and to demonstrate their value to and within communities.

The goals of the Teen Book Festival are to:

  • Connect teen readers to award-winning authors.
  • Educate, enrich, inform, and entertain local teens and other Festival participants.
  • Enhance reading and literacy skills.
  • Encourage interaction between aspiring writers and established authors.
  • Socially bring together teens who have a common love of reading and to spread that enjoyment to other teens who alone may not openly consider themselves “readers.”
  • Support, promote, and celebrate the educational and recreational benefits of recreational teen reading.

Who comes?

The target audience is teens, with another goal of attracting teachers, librarians, and parents to attend with teen readers.

The Festival is promoted throughout a number of communities, within schools, public libraries, and other youth oriented agencies.

How does the Festival work?

After an opening panel, there are four 45-minute sessions allowing smaller groups to interact together with the authors.

The core focus is on the teens.  While adults are welcome, they will be asked to give up their seats if teens are waiting to get into any author session!

TBF is planned each year by a committee of school and public librarians in two different counties…true collaboration!