Hello, Library Trustees Association of New York members and supporters. As we close out 2018, LTA is holding its annual membership renewal campaign. We look forward to, and appreciate, your continued support for this vital library trustees’ organization.

I am pleased to introduce you to our new Executive Director, John McCarthy. The LTA board of directors looks forward to John’s leadership as we move to our next iteration of LTA and are excited by the possibilities for providing our members with more benefits and
opportunities to connect with the wider library community.

As many of you are aware, LTA has been going through some changes since June 2018. In the process, we have been working on updating our website, social media, planning some upcoming regional trustee education sessions, as well as exploring the idea of becoming a section in the NYLA family. You’ll learn a bit more from John in this issue. LTA will be asking your input on this decision in February 2019.

We encourage you to renew your membership with LTA. For those of you who have not, yet, joined, please know that Library Trustees Association of New York is the ONLY
organization chartered in New York State to represent library trustees. Your membership will make a difference not only to LTA, but to you and to your library.

You’ll see the membership renewal form on page 3. We are using postal mail for the 2019 renewal process while we streamline our on-line capabilities. Please fill it out in a timely fashion.

Adria Ripka