Library to Host Special Reception and Dedication in Their Honor in October

On Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012 at 7:30 pm, the Port Washington Library, located at One Library Drive in Port Washington, will host a special reception to formally recognize and honor Ambassador and Mrs. Saltzman for their recent and extremely generous gift of $300,000 from the Saltzman Foundation to the Port Washington Library Foundation. The Port Washington Public Library provides patrons with progressive programs, academic support, career counseling, English language classes, electronic resources and innovative events. These services are made available through the commitment of the community and, most recently, with the help of the Saltzmans’ charitable donation. To express gratitude for this monumental offering, the library will name its reading room in the Saltzmans’ honor.

Port Washington residents Arnold and Joan Saltzman have cemented a legacy of philanthropic work, from grassroots initiatives to international affairs. Ambassador Saltzman holds key Trustee positions in Universities, hospitals, and museums and is president of some within a variety of charitable organizations, lending his expertise and professionalism to advance the goals of educational, artistic and political non-profit organizations, diplomatic associations. He has served 5 presidents in policy-level diplomatic and economic assignments and was the Advisor to New York State Congressional Delegation in Washington, D.C and chairman of the Speakers Committee in Albany to propose legislative Agenda and as a member of Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs Board of Advisors. He has a Presidential Commendation for his participation in creating the Atomic Non-Proliferation Treaty, the Order of Honor from the Republic of Georgia, The Columbia University Medal and honorary degrees from Adelphi and Hofstra where he is a Trustee.

“We have lived in Sands Point, Port Washington for 35 years and never visited the library. Only then did we discover it was very much more than a library. It was a major community service center assisting people — from toddlers to the aged, and particularly those most in need — by providing learning and support with language, computers and other necessities. Our constitution, which I have sworn many times to defend, has in the noble simplicity of the preamble 5 objectives. To promote the general welfare, is the one not yet fulfilled unfortunately for a large portion of our population? The Saltzman family admires and respects the library’s role, and the contribution we have made was devoted to foster and further that purpose,” stated Ambassador Saltzman.

Joan Saltzman’s courageous work has focused on civic responsibility and protecting the people of Long Island. As a member of the New York State Health Coordinating Council and the New York State Office of Mental Hygiene Planning Council, and the Nassau County’s Mental Health Board, her mission for equality has influenced state policy and planning bodies. Ms. Saltzman’s proactive approach took form when she helped found the North Shore Child & Family Guidance Association, a highly regarded community-based mental health provider. She also co-founded Community Advocates, a non-profit organization that has been a major catalyst for social and racial justice, affordable housing and housing for homeless individuals and families on Long Island, served as President of both organizations.

Ambassador and Mrs. Saltzman have shared a lifelong dedication to helping people in need. In 1991, through their vision and generosity, the Joan and Arnold Saltzman Community Services Center and child care facility was built on the Hofstra University campus to house child development and outreach programs for families and children from Long Island in 4 treatment clinics and child care unit where Joan serves as Board Chair.

“The inspiring endeavors of the Saltzman family exemplify the model of service that the Port Washington Library strives for,” said Library Director Nancy Curtin. “Their genuine dedication to outreach efforts will help the Port Washington Public Library continue to support those most in need in the community.

If you would like to make a gift in the Saltzmans’ honor to further the work of the Port Washington Public Library, please go to or call 516-883-4400, ext. 101.