The Summer Trustee, posted this month to our site, contains an article to create a policy development template. Click here to learn how to do this. Below is an additional tip to create a Table of Contents.

A Policy Table of Contents

*Tip: Let Your Software do the Work – How to Easily Create a Table of
Contents For Your Policy Manual Using Word

1) Use the “ribbon” at the top of your Word Document to select a hierarchy
of headings as you write/update your policy manual.

2) Select “References” from the menu bar, and then select the “Table of
Contents” option.

3) Select the automatic Table of Contents style you prefer.

4) Word will update the Table of Contents and page numbers as you change
the document if you go back to the References tab and select the ‘Update
Table” option.  (Note: These tips apply most directly to Word 2010.)

By Tim Gavin, LTA Association Manager