Policy Database – New Features!

Three new features to help you find what you are looking for more efficiently . . .

1. Search by Library or System

The policy database has been restructured to allow users to search for policies from library systems in addition to individual libraries.  To use this search feature, please visit the full policy database page and select a library or system from the drop down menus within the “Search by Library or System” section.

(To go directly to the full database page, please click on the “LTA Policy Database” graphic in the upper right corner of LTA’s homepage; select the “advanced search” link in red in the lower right corner of this same box; or under the “Resources” tab on the menu bar, please select “Policy Database.”)

2. Advanced Search Addition: Search by “Area Served”

LTA is proud to introduce an “Area Served” search option as part of its advanced database search.  This feature allows users to limit search results to libraries whose areas are defined by their charter as:

  • Municipality
  • Special legislative district
  • School district
  • Other

Note: The database is designed to retrieve as many policies as possible, so by default, the advanced search will give you results for policies which match every option within the advanced search.

To refine your results, you can combine multiple criteria.  For example, if you only want to see results for personnel policies from association libraries whose service area is defined as a school district, you can choose “Personnel” from the Policy Category drop down menu, “Association” from the “Library Type” menu, and “School District” from the “Area Served” menu simultaneously.  You can also use a keyword along with any of the menu options in the advanced search to further narrow your results.

3. Non-Policy Resources

The LTA community has requested searchable examples of key resources in addition to policies.  For now, these resources can be found by doing a keyword search, or by selecting “Non-Policy Resources” within the “Policy Category” drop menu.  These non-policy resources include examples of:

  • By-Laws
  • History / Background Statements
  • Library Director Evaluation Forms
  • Mission Statements
  • Strategic / Long Range Plans
  • Table of Contents (of Policy Manuals)

If you ever have a question about how to use the Policy Database, or are struggling to find a match, please contact: Tim Gavin.

Thanks for your continued feedback!  We will continue to enhance this database and website to provide LTA members with the best possible resources and information.