Winter 2016

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Unveiling of the 2015 Edition of the Handbook for Library Trustees

Winter 2016 issue of Trustee

Have you received your copy?  If not, you can contact your library director who will get in touch with your library system.  Meanwhile, you can visit the Division of Library Development website, or LTA’s website — which provides a PDF of version of the handbook and a link to an online version right from our homepage (

The 2015 edition of the handbook was officially “unveiled” during a ceremony held at Lake Placid on October 22.  Authors Jerry Nichols (Palmer School of Library and Information Sciences) and Rebekkah Smith Aldrich (Coordinator for Library Sustainability, Mid-Hudson Library System) explained some of the new additions, announced the official release of the hard copies of the new edition, and thanked the many who contributed to the development of the latest version.  LTA is proud to be among those who were asked to contribute, and we thank the many LTA members who relayed their ideas and suggestions.  Your thoughts were shared and incorporated by Jerry and Rebekkah. 

The 2015 Edition is much more detailed, covers the newest trends and developments in library information and law, and is designed for the digital age.  Along with the regular content, the online version is indexed, searchable, and provides the reader with many helpful links and resources.

There was great excitement surrounding the unveiling of the handbook.  We believe strongly that you will feel that same sense of enthusiasm once you take a peak.

LTA will continue to use the handbook as a framework through which we will provide our members with educational resources and guidance.   Please read the handbook from front to back, and then over again.  Get to know the handbook inside and out.  Read sections at board meetings.  Discuss issues and questions with your fellow LTA members.  And as you read the handbook, please continue to let us know which services you would like LTA to expand upon and which tools and resources you feel would further your success as a trustee.

This handbook provides you with a solid foundation from which you can continue to grow. Becoming well versed with its information will make your job as a library steward much easier. Whether you are a brand new trustee or have served for 20 years, the 2015 edition of this handbook is an essential read.

Jerry and Rebekkah, thank you for your diligence, partnership, and all of the hard work you put into the development of this latest edition!

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