Winter 2016

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From the Editor's Desk

Winter 2016 issue of Trustee

Happy New Year to LTA members and all our readers!

If we take a brief moment to look back on the year we leave behind, we’ll see that our libraries played vital roles in 2015 that should prove to our communities just how important is maintaining library funding. I don’t refer only to the new materials and programs designed to meet your patrons’ preferences; or the ways we’ve improved the use of our space in light of limited resources.

The year 2015 showed librarians, staff and libraries across the country opening their doors to communities in need after weather disasters and times of community tragedy. They modeled the belief that libraries should be open to all, regardless of individual characteristics. Granted, these extreme examples weren’t based on access to our books and materials, to programming and activities. These circumstances showed the true concern we have for our patrons and communities by offering shelter, respite and safe harbor while social unrest or Mother Nature presented challenges that were outside the norm.

Libraries and librarians stand up for free access to information and technology for all users. Legislation governing information on the Internet has been a hot topic. Adjusting offerings as the demographics of patron communities and keeping up with Common Core bring regular challenges. I have asked my library’s director if her education prepared her for the reality of managing a library in today’s society. I think our directors and staff, like their trustees, must stay current on a wide range of topics to be effective in their roles.

I hope you will embrace what LTA has to offer in 2016 to help you, our LTA member and supporter, be effective in your role as a library trustee. Who knows the challenges that may confront us in 2016? You will learn more in this issue about what was accomplished in 2015 and what is in store this year.

Let’s all work together to make 2016 and excellent year.

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