Winter 2016

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Winter 2016 issue of Trustee

The New Year has begun and our resolutions are in place for the coming year. If your resolutions are similar to mine, they have varying rates of success, but here are a couple of items, that I know you can add to your list and get accomplished.

C – Contact your county and state legislators and make him/her aware of what your library is doing or a problem you may be having that they could help you with. Informing a legislator about the essential services you provide will help during the budget process where funding issues are always a struggle.

A – Attend a program that will add to your knowledge as a trustee. Some possibilities are: a Library System program, a webinar (or an archived webinar by Jerry Nichols; > Site News and click on “webinar” category), LTA’s Trustee Institute in Plattsburgh on May 6th & 7th, a library conference. Seasoned and new trustees alike, need to keep up to date on what is currently trending in the library world.

R – Reach out to a community organization which may be unaware of what your Library offers. Be an advocate for your library. Invite them to attend a program you offer or give them a tour of your facilities. Maybe they haven’t been to the library in years!

E – Engage regularly in activities that promote your library and its mission.

CARE is what these resolutions are all about. Be active and engaged with your fellow trustees, Director, and community.  You can then answer the question, with a resounding yes, that asks, – Are you an effective library trustee? Your resolutions will be accomplished and your library will benefit by your having been a more involved trustee. A good way to start off the year.

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