Winter 2016

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ILEAD USA and Helping All Trustees Succeed (HATS ) - Awesome Ideas for Trustee Education

Winter 2016 issue of Trustee

During 2015, the New York State Library’s ILEAD USA project supported the ongoing work and professional development of eight project teams composed of library staff from all types of libraries.   One of the teams, the public library systems’ Helping All Trustees Succeed (HATS) Team worked with their mentor, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich to develop a “standardized framework for a trustee education curriculum.”  The curriculum modules, based on the Handbook, will be tested during 2016 by several partner organizations, including LTA.  A train-the-trainer cohort of system staff will work with the HATS Team and partner organizations “to create a culture of trustee education delivered throughout New York State.”  The November 23rd and 30th issues of Library Hotline feature two interviews with Rebekkah that provide additional insight for library directors and trustees about what the HATS Team is up to, about the Handbook and about trustee education in general.  A worthwhile read to kick off the New Year! Enjoy!

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