Fall 2016

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"Trustees in the Know" Recap An Evening Workshop Co-Sponsored by LTA and the Nioga Library System.

Fall 2016 issue of Trustee

Nine library Systems and 31 libraries were represented at a recent trustee workshop in Batavia, NY on August 10th. Eighty people were in attendance.

Hosted by the Richmond Memorial Library and sponsored by the Library Trustee Association and the Nioga Library System, two productive presentations brought library trustees and library staff together for an evening of networking and informational seminars.

Ron Kirsop, Assistant Director of the Pioneer System, was up first where he presented to the group a worthwhile talk on Productive Board Meetings. "The most effective boards focus their time and energy on the few issues that make the biggest impact on the future of the library," Mr. Kirsop said. "To do this, Boards need to use their limited meeting time as productively as possible."

Highlights of his presentation also included a conversation on why board meetings fail as well as a template agenda and tips on how to control unruly or unprepared trustees.

After a light supper, Brie Harrison, Finance Director for the Monroe County Library System and Rochester Public Library, conducted a program entitled A Financial Primer.

After giving an overview of best practices for Boards with respect to budgeting, investments and expenses, Ms. Harrison focused on thresholds for financial reviews, audits. She also reviewed the NYS Comptroller's recommended actions from recent procedural audits; namely, a review of cash handling procedures and trustee oversight of library policies.

After the meeting, Tom Bindeman, Director of the Nioga Library System addressed the group, thanking Robert Conrad, Director of the Richmond Memorial Library for his help in planning the event. "This is what can happen when organizations work together to make things possible. Trustee Education is important to all of us and I hope we can facilitate more of these types of seminars in the future."

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