Winter 2015

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Let's Get Connected LTA's Vision for 2015

Winter 2015 issue of Trustee

LTA, New York State’s only chartered organization for public library trustees, is your organization – and we need you to be an active part of it. We need your input and your representation on LTA’s board. We need your ideas, your experience, and we also need your library or system’s membership.


The more active our membership base, the more services we can provide. And the more members LTA has, the more connected and united we can be when defining our goals and the more driven we can be in accomplishing them.

Last year our Institute theme was “challenge the past to create the future.”  We will continue to be inspired by that mission.  This year we will build on that with our Institute theme: re-establishing and reinforcing “crucial connections.” 

As we head into 2015, here is part of LTA’s vision as we strengthen and redefine crucial connections . . .


Connecting with You:

While LTA is a public library trustee organization, we know that we can only be successful by continuing our efforts of reaching out, collaborating, and supporting other organizations in achieving their own goals. We aim to do our part to make sure that everyone in the library community is on the same page and working together.


As we proceed, LTA will continue to focus more on direct outreach with systems, library organizations and library boards. Whenever possible, we would love to meet with you to hear your ideas.  We also plan to expand our regional presentations.

Connecting with Us:

The more members LTA has, the more connected and united we can be when defining our goals and the more driven we can be in accomplishing them. 


Connecting within Communities:

Through education about how to develop long range plans and how to develop strong relations with your communities, LTA will help you advocate for your library at a community level.  We will also continue to recognize your library’s efforts by showcasing projects on our website, newsletters and social media, and recognizing the accomplishments of library leaders, whether they be trustees, friends or directors. 


Connecting with Legislators and Legislation:

LTA will continue to provide easier access for its members to understand library law, and we will provide a portal which will allow for members to connect more fluidly with state legislators.  Likewise, we will make it easier for members to keep track of library legislation.  Last year, LTA’s members did a fantastic job getting involved with advocacy at a state level.  This year LTA hopes to inspire trustees to do even more.


Connecting with Information, Resources and Technology:

LTA will continue to increase its member only services, branch out into social media, and provide more webinars and online training tools. We will continue to expand our website resources, and to improve and expand our Policy Database.

As the library world continues to explore the brave new world of e-books, tablets, maker-spaces, gaming, and libraries as publishers, LTA will help with educating trustees so they can stay current, informed, and fully engaged.


Thank you to everyone who has renewed their memberships for 2015. If you ever have any questions, need help, or just wish to share ideas, please contact Tim Gavin at .

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