Spring 2015

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From the Desk of Bernard A. Margolis, New York State Librarian and Assistant Commissioner for Libraries

Spring 2015 issue of Trustee

The New York State Library is committed to helping you, as a trustee, to better serve your library and community. Are you taking full advantage of the trustee education opportunities offered by the Library Trustees Association (LTA) of New York State, such as the upcoming 2015 Trustee Institute on May 1 & 2 in Syracuse?  I hope to see you there!


As an appointed or elected library trustee, you have a critically important job to do. Ongoing education about trustee roles and responsibilities is important to your effectiveness, and in turn, to the success of your library. LTA, your public library system, the New York Library Association and, of course, your State Library work together to offer trustees valuable and timely education and training. With over 6,000 library trustees in New York State, trustee training is a big job!  Over ten percent of our library trustees are appointed or elected for the first time each year and are in need of basic orientation and training.


Trustees often share with me the challenges they face in attending in-person training. For some, it’s difficult to carve out time from a busy work week or family life.  For others, it’s the cost or the distance.  The State Library, working in partnership with LTA and with a national organization called OCLC WebJunction, is expanding opportunities for trustee education by offering a variety of free online resources to help library trustees achieve their personal learning goals. Topics range from the basics such as “What Every Trustee Should Know” and “Freedom of Information and Open Meetings Laws for Libraries” to more advanced topics such as “The Critical Partnership: Public Library Trustees and Directors” and “Public Library Finance and the Trustee’s Fiduciary Responsibilities.”


These online resources are available online 24/7 from work or even at home.  They include “live” webinars, “archived” webinars and online courses. “Live” webinars are interactive (with a chat function) and offer an experience similar to professional workshops in an easily accessed online forum. OCLC WebJunction online courses allow you to learn at your own pace. You can even start a course, pause it when other matters require your attention and then pick up where you left off at your convenience.


Information about State Library/LTA webinars for library trustees is located on the State Library’s website at: . Information about free OCLC WebJunction webinars, online courses and other resources is available on the State Library’s website at .


All of these resources are available to you and your library staff at no charge. Some library systems, or even individual library boards and directors are engaging in blended learning, viewing a webinar together (or individually) and then discussing what they learned as a group.  I encourage you to try out these convenient and easy-to-use online resources. New upcoming “live” webinar topics and dates are announced on the State Library’s official listserv called NYLINE.  To subscribe to NYLINE, please visit the State Library’s website at: .

See you in Syracuse!

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