Spring 2015

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Spring 2015 issue of Trustee

Featured Question:

Is there any statutory requirement that either an association or a public library board hold an annual reorganization meeting?



There is no statutory requirement of which mandates that a library board

must hold a reorganization meeting at any specific time, if ever. Nevertheless, it may be good practice to do so, but that option would be entirely at discretion of a library board.


While an annual reorganization meeting may be statutorily mandated for school boards and other types of governmental bodies, neither the Education Law nor any other statute mandates that library boards  must  do so. No doubt the by-laws of many library boards, regardless of type, may specify that such a procedure take place at a specific time, but if that is the case, the board can waive or change the time, either  by formal resolution or the acquiescence of a majority of board members. If that occurs, unless otherwise specified in the by-laws, previously elected officers would retain their positions, all resolutions adopted at a previous reorganization meeting would remain in effect until further action by a majority of the board, whether at a formal reorganization meeting or haphazardly at other times at formally convened meetings to conduct board business.


The benefit to a library board of holding an annual reorganization meeting would be to review procedures in effect, such as  the election or appointment of officers, schedule of meeting dates, auditing and payment of bills, and other matters which would tend to  expedite the conduct of board business.


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