Spring 2014

The Trustee communicates issues affecting libraries and library services. Once a library and systems join LTA, all their trustees automatically receive this quarterly publication published by LTA. To learn more about membership in LTA, Click Here.

Expanding Access and Resources

By Tim Gavin

Spring 2014 issue of Trustee

LTA continues to expand member resources and services. We recently updated our system to give individual trustees the ability to log in to their own library accounts. This will give LTA’s members more direct involvement and the ability to edit any of their own contact information.


When you log in, you will see the following information about your library:

  • Trustee and director names and contact information.

  • General library statistics, such as population, budget, and library type.

  • A list of policies from your library which are included in LTA’s policy database.

  • Links to register for LTA’s Trustee Institute.


Things to review on your library account page:

  • Please check your own contact information, and make sure that the list of trustees and directors is accurate. Please also check titles. If changes need to be made, please notify your director or send an e-mail to me:

  • Keeping information in the accounts up-to-date helps ensure that newsletters and other communications are mailed to the correct people. Please also make sure that e-mail addresses are correct.

  • Please check the list of policies. If any of the policies have been updated, or if you have additional ones, please send them to me to help ensure that the database contains the best possible information.


Please note: If you cannot log in, it is most likely because LTA does not have your current e-mail address. If you encounter this problem, please let me know, and I will be happy to help.


If you are not familiar with LTA's policy database, please visit LTA’s website. The database has over 3000 policies searchable by multiple criteria. (Please note: We are looking for more policies which address the lending of electronic devices like tablets and e-readers. If you have any, please send them so that they can be added to the database and shared with your peers.)


A reminder: If your library only has hardcopy policies, LTA will convert them to electronic format. This service is provided free of charge to members.

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