Winter 2013

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Winter 2013 issue of Trustee

Creating our future!

On November 29th of 2012, I participated in the Southern Tier Library System’s annual workshop entitled Creating the Future.  The workshop brought together library trustees, directors and staff to examine the role of trustees in creating sustainable institutions; how STLS libraries will put the NYS Regent’s 2020 Vision and Plan into action; and the importance of technology policies in today’s libraries.  

The Executive Director, Ristiina (Rusty) Wigg, invited me to speak about LTA and what our responsibility is in helping trustees create a sustainable institution.  This gave me another opportunity to speak on the importance of trustee education and certification as a way to become a skilled library decision-maker.  It also gave me a chance to introduce the audience to our website as a useful resource in policy making.

Since I arrived in Painted Post the night before, Rusty gave me a tour of the building where STLS is located.  This system oversees 48 libraries within a five county area.  I was truly astounded at the enormous amount of work a system does to help its libraries.  It would be very beneficial for library trustees to visit their library system in order to get a really “big picture” of the importance they play in the day-to-day life of their libraries.

In Albany, on the same day, the Assembly Standing Committee on Libraries and Education Technology held a public hearing on funding public libraries in New York State.  The purpose of the hearing was to examine the impact of the 2012-2013 State Budget on public libraries across the State.  Assemblymember Bob Reilly, who has been a library funding advocate, chaired the hearing.  Since Mr. Reilly didn’t run for office again in 109th Assembly District, LTA would like to take this opportunity to thank him and wish him well in his future endeavors. 

LTA’s representative was John Eberhardt who gave testimony along with many members of the library community on the importance of adequately funding public libraries and library services.  As our State Librarian, Bernie Margolis, aptly put it, “…funding needs nearly always run ahead of available resources.”  Therefore, we must stay vigilant and continually advocate for our funding needs.  If you haven’t put it on your calendar yet, mark the date - Tuesday, March 5th to be in Albany for Library Advocacy Day sponsored by NYLA.  Legislators want to meet with trustees so we’re depending on you to help make our voice heard!

November’s NYLA Conference was as enthusiastic as last year’s conference.  Not only was our booth continuously busy as Tim Gavin demonstrated how to navigate our website but we also held a trustee training session on Developing Your Role as a Library Trustee.  Our thanks to Jeremy Johannesen, NYLA’s Executive Director, for giving us this great opportunity.

And thanks to all of you for supporting our efforts with your membership and contributions.  Our commitment continues…   
With all good wishes for a successful
and prosperous New Year 2013!

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