Summer 2013

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From the Editor's Desk

by Adria Ripka

Summer 2013 issue of Trustee

Summer months can be a time to kick back and relax. For most of our libraries, however, summer months are incredibly busy with the Summer Reading Program and other community activities. Personally, I can’t wait to see the sidewalk art competition we have every July at my library. How nice of those sidewalk installers to make neatly proportioned concrete “canvas” segments for use by our budding artists.

Your LTA board members took some time in early June to hold what has become our annual workshop to work on issues important to trustees and the organization. I thought I’d give you a brief summary of what we accomplished. The June workshop isn’t a business meeting but a time to take a look at where the Library Trustees Association of New York is, what has been accomplished in the prior 12 months, and to get a handle on where the organization can grow and improve.

Where LTA is today: we still are committed to the original purpose of educating, advocating and representing library trustees in New York State. The group participated in the March Advocacy Day in Albany and attendance by trustees increased over 2012. The board is looking for ways to collaborate with other organizations and library supporters to continue the push for improved library funding. Two new board members joined us and we look forward to more new faces in the near future. The roster of officers changed at the annual business meeting held during the 2013 Trustee Institute in May. Our newly elected president, Bob Presutti has shuffled committee assignments and there has been a change in our administrative support structure.

What have we accomplished: I mentioned a strong effort at Advocacy Day. Our website has been improved by excellent content on timely issues and information as well as through easier navigation within the site. LTA is exploring corporate sponsorship as a means to add stability to the organization and to provide members with networking opportunities with professionals who support and can help with services your library may need.

How can we grow and improve: increasing membership is an ongoing activity for the LTA board. Thank you to those libraries and systems that renew every year. We will be reaching out to non-members in a future recruiting effort. Trustee education is the first priority with LTA. Our main venue until the past few years has been the annual Trustee Institute. While this is an important means of sharing information, the board is also exploring regional sessions. Our improved website can broaden our educational support for trustees through web-based training.

At this point, I’d like to thank, on behalf of the LTA Board, Margaret Malicki for her excellent support of our efforts as our Association Consultant over the past 10 years. Our membership roster, regular administrative requirements, meeting arrangements, reports and annual Institutes would not have improved without her efforts. With Margaret moving on, LTA is pleased to bring Timothy Gavin on board as our Association Manager. I’m sure our members and readers recognize Tim as the Policy Spotlight guru. We are pleased to have Tim play a more active role in the regular operations of LTA as we move forward.

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