Summer 2013

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LTA Website: A Trustee Resource

Summer 2013 issue of Trustee

Summertime and the living is easy, says the song, so while you have a little extra time, check out the LTA website and catch up on news you can use.

LIBRARYTRUSTEES.ORG, the LTA website, has provided many postings to help trustees be better informed on general library issues, policy insights, relevant State information, interesting programs from libraries around the state and highlights from the Handbook for Library Trustees of New York. New material will be found on the home page on the first of each month and then housed at the Site News tab. Past articles will be listed by categories which will make your search easy.

In addition to info and news, the website houses the Policy Database. Hundreds of policies have been posted from libraries around the state. You can search this database in many ways - by type of policy, by the size of the library, by size of the budget, by library ystem, by library or type of library. If you need a new policy, check out some that may have been posted already and let the database help you with your research. New ones have been recently added on e-readers. You will find the Policy Database on the homepage and also at the Resources tab.

The Resources tab will also let you link to important sites for information from the state library, DLD (the Division of Library Development), NYLINE, NYLA, ALA and other library related sources. It is also home to several brochures and pamphlets regarding Trusteeship.

A highlight each month and also on our homepage, is a rotating photo display with an accompanying article that describes a program at a library, or a renovation, or gives an overview of one of the 23 Library Systems or information regarding an event, to inform and educate trustees. We are always accepting new stories and photos and would love to feature one from your library. Just let us know. You can do that easily at the Contact Tab.

The Trustee Education tab will bring you to many of the LTA Trustee Institute programs that have been posted from the past few Institutes. It also has the application form and information on becoming an LTA Certified Trustee.

The Newsletter tab has issues of The Trustee that date back to 1999. It is interesting to see some of the stories that were hot topics over 10 years ago.

And the Membership Tab – I hope you see your library there with a LTA logo. If not, it is never too late to join. Memberships are accepted all year long. You may join either as a board or as an individual. LTA relies on membership dues to fund the advocacy work we do, recognize contributions of individuals to libraries and educate trustees across the state. Please join; you can do that right on the website too.

There is a just a lot of material to catch up on during this easy summertime living. Better get started. — make it a favorite!

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