Fall 2013

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From the Editor's Desk

Fall 2013 issue of Trustee

Greetings to LTA members and other readers interested in the work of library trustees. I hope everyone has returned to "normal" schedules after the summer. I put normal in quotation because I think that word can have a different meaning for each one of us. It isn’t unusual to hear the term “new normal” to remind us that today’s world is different even from 10 years ago. With any luck, besides any election changes, our next big adjustment will be to Eastern Standard Time on the first Sunday in November. I know I can’t wait to get my hour back.

You will hear some interesting news in this edition. Our new president introduces our new Association Manager. One of our newer board members, Martha Anderson, gives members insight into the 2014 NYLA conference. I checked the New York State Senate and Assembly for a list of library related bills. Forty-seven bills have some reference to libraries in them!  Not every bill applies to all of our libraries and reading legislation is a learned skill. LTA wants to help you understand what is going on in Albany. Please take note of the dates for the 2014 Annual LTA Trustee Institute in May 2014. Our trustee institute committee, Tish Fontanella and Martha Anderson have locked in the location and have made great strides in planning workshop topics. We look for suggestions from our members on issues and topics you want to learn more about. Both the newsletter and the website will have updates.

Lastly, you may have heard about BiblioTech, the country’s first digital public library located in San Antonio, Texas. ( The library opened this past September. It is an indication that technology continues to change how we communicate and what patrons expect from a library. Library trustees need to keep up with these changes to be effective board members.
I love technology, but it changes so quickly and dramatically. I bought a newer car in August that is a technological wonder to me. My sales representative “synced my cell phone”.  I didn’t know what he meant! Well, now I can make a call while driving because I can talk to the car and have it dial. Good grief!  I have a car I can talk to that prompts me with a voice. I suppose that is progress, but it gives me an odd feeling. I’m used to just talking to myself.

Well, read on and enjoy this issue. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

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