Summer 2012

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LTA Website: Your Best Tool

by Tish Fontanella, LTA Board Member and Website Coordinator

Summer 2012 issue of Trustee

In the past twelve months many changes to the LTA web-site have made the site easier to navigate and most importantly, provide much more information for all who visit.

As our home page evolved and we changed to drop down menus on our navigation bar, we were able to increase the ease and shorten the time for a trustee to find important and useful material.  Our goal is to provide new information each month that would appeal to both the seasoned trustee and the newly appointed/ elected trustee.

So here is a bit of what we have posted:

Our home page starts with a rotating picture display. The monthly topic should be informative for all.

A few of our photo displays have been:
* Library facilities around the state
* Highlights of several of the state's library systems
* Current and timely topics -  such as the disaster to an upstate library after last fall's storms
* A renovation of several of Albany's libraries with before and after photos
* An overview of our Policy Database with information on its make up and use
* An overview of LTA to show its diverse activities and achievements
* A promotion for the Trustee Institute to highlight the programs and speakers that will attend, to name a few

Each of the topics is posted for a month with the intent of visually giving information in order to enlighten trustees and broaden their knowledge.

Each month we also post articles from a few of the categories below:       
* Highlights from the Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State (2010 Edition)
* Articles on Policy - the what, how, where and the use of  our web-site Policy Database
* LTA News - what the organization is doing regarding legislation, certifying trustees, looking for award candidates and the Trustee Institute
* State news and other timely items regarding libraries and how the issue affects trustees
* Articles written by trustees who offer "things to think about"

Some of the Regular Features that are always available on the site are:
* Policy Database - which has hundreds of policies from libraries around the state, which are searchable by many criteria
* Newsletter, The Trustee - The Trustee's current issue comes to the site after it has been distributed to members for a month.  Issues from the past several years are also on the site to be read again or used for important previously published information.
* Trustee Training - It offers links to further resources and information vital for trustees
* Site News tab features all of the past months materials, so you can review material that had been posted several months ago
* Membership - that allows Libraries/Trustees to check their status, join or renew their membership
* Sponsors- Private sources that support LTA and provide material about their services and contact information

Of course you can find out who is on the board, when meetings will be held and the minutes of meetings after they are accepted by the board.

Our future plans involve you. We are always looking to post information regarding your library and something special that has or will be happening.

Do you have a special or successful program, innovative fund raising effort, great new signage, a renovation to report on? The site is by and for trustees and your participation will make our site just a little bit better.

I'd love to hear from you. There is a tab to do that, too. Please visit our site and make it a favorite.

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