Spring 2012

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From the Editor's Desk

by Adria Ripka

Spring 2012 issue of Trustee

I'm not certain if Spring came early or Winter never really settled in this year. I think we are all just grateful for blessed relief from some heavy hits during the Summer and Fall that devastated so many communities. I know things at your libraries are never dull, but now we will all see an increase in activities as the days grow longer.

Proposition season is upon us. This will be the first year we all get a feel for how the tax cap will affect our budget requests and public support. As always, we need to have solid information to support our goals and much of that can be found in your library's annual report. Yes, it is a dry read, but if your library is like mine, circulation, computer lab use and program attendance are up. We have the numbers to show that our communities use their library regularly. I recommend trustees review that annual report to keep a picture fresh in your mind of just how much your library accomplished.

Spring is Trustee Institute time for the Library Trustees Association. To spark your interest in attending, you'll be introduced to the Nassau Library System in this issue and see a summary of all the exciting workshops and speakers joining us on Long Island the first weekend in May. Perhaps you don't feel a kinship with our "Islanders". They are bigger, or more cosmopolitan than other library systems in the state. Well, just remember that we all face the same issues in providing library services. Long Island libraries are in urban, suburban and rural areas as your library may be. They face seasonal increases in the summer just as our Adirondack
libraries do. You'll find more traffic and people in a compact geographic area, but there will be plenty to learn at the Trustee Institute.

LTA has added another dimension to our toolbox to help provide members and all library trustees with information and support. We welcome our first sponsors of LTA in this issue. The goal of sponsorship is to provide you with connections to services that may benefit trustees and their libraries. Member names will not be sold and you won't be solicited. However, you will be able to use the LTA website as a resource for more connections as our sponsors list grows. So, be sure to see the sponsor information on the back page of this issue, and check out frequently for all our regular updates.

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