Spring 2012

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What's a PULISDO?

By Kevin Verbesey, President of PULISDO, Director, Suffolk Cooperative Library System

Spring 2012 issue of Trustee

In a library world filled with acronyms, one that people in the New York Library community run across from time to time is "PULISDO" or the Public Library
Systems Directors Organization.  PULISDO is a professional association of administrators from each of New York's twenty-three public library systems spread throughout the State.

PULISDO members communicate regularly on email, conference calls, and at meetings to discuss important library topics of the day as well as review specific issues that impact public library systems and public libraries.

PULISDO members serve on regional and statewide committees and represent the interests of library systems and libraries to legislators, community leaders, library
patrons, and others.

PULISDO members are always exploring ways to improve the advocacy efforts of libraries.  This advocacy extends to library patrons, taxpayers, and legislators.  They work with the other library system types (School Library Systems and Reference and Research Library Resources Systems) to find common interests in library themed issues.  They discuss and review legislative issues and help set legislative priorities for New York State and local municipalities. 

Legal issues that impact libraries and library systems are a constant topic of conversation for PULISDO.  Members are regularly called upon to assist with local legal issues and the shared expertise and experience of the group is often called upon for guidance with addressing these.  One particular challenge that PULISDO has focused on is the availability of good and affordable legal advice for libraries throughout the entire State.

Each public library system faces its own challenges in technology, finance, staffing, and marketing and the group shares ideas and programs from around the State in order to facilitate improvements and service enhancement at PULISDO member systems.

PULISDO members spend much of their work days on issues related to local public libraries and library trustees.  PULISDO members host many trustee training workshops, retreats, and seminars on a wide array of topics like financial responsibility, technology in libraries, holding effective board meetings, and general introductions to trusteeship.

PULISDO and its members works closely with the New York State Library Division of Library Development on Statewide initiatives and responsibilities like the Annual State Reports, administration of library construction grants, LSTA grants, Gates Foundation initiatives, and timely topics like the recently enacted tax cap and changes to voting machine requirements.

PULISDO and its members are on the front lines of our fight to increase State support for library systems and public libraries.  They work collaboratively around the State and within their own region to improve library services and enhance the ability of local libraries to serve their community.    

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