Fall 2012

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From the Editor's Desk

Fall 2012 issue of Trustee

Working Together – the Only Real Option

Greetings LTA members and colleagues. Now that Autumn is here, we can enjoy this lovely time of colors and mild days. I’m hoping what follows will be another mild winter. Actually, I don’t mind shoveling snow. It gets me out in the cool, crisp air and provides a source of exercise. But, I can live with having Syracuse NOT win the Golden Snow Ball award.


For the last six months or more, all of us have been experiencing a man-made season: election season. Torrents of sound bites, extremes of pressure from all parties, whirlwind campaign trips and blizzards of mail have bombarded us. These make snow shoveling seem like a breeze. With tough economic, environmental and world peace issues in the forefront, getting candidates to think about libraries and library funding has been and will be a challenge. At best, we can vote for and hope for elected officials who will make the best decisions based on our input.


Regardless of who wins the local, regional and national elections, those who are elected will be the people we must work with for the length of their terms. Both re-elected and newly elected officials must learn about our libraries and services. Regular communication is key. Keep these website addresses handy to connect with your local, state and federal representatives. Or better yet, go to the LTA website for convenient links to these and more.


Now, read on. There is much to share. You’ll learn more about the other major competitors for the Golden Snowball Award (Western New York) in this issue and in January.


Wishing you a blessed and happy holiday season,


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