Summer 2011

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From the Editor's Desk

by Adria Ripka

Summer 2011 issue of Trustee

Greetings, LTA members and other interested readers and library supporters. Our July issue is primarily about the good news and important information heard at the 2011 Trustee Institute held in Albany this year. If you can step outside the politics of our State capital, Albany and its environs offer some great opportunities for history, entertainment, dining and meeting good people.

Library funding propositions have faced a challenging year. In this tough economy, it was hard to know which way voters would vote. In my home region, most library propositions did pass, but not all did. That comes as a shock because usage and circulation numbers are up. Comment was made that since school budget votes are the only chance voters have to decide funding, close calls and no votes were more a response to frustration over the general economy than a lack of support for the library. I'm reminded of Mad Eye Moody's advice in the Harry Potter series: "Constant vigilance!" As best we can, we need to be sure our patrons are voters and that we make known our value to the communities we serve.

You'll see a brief update in this issue on some recent legislation that may affect libraries. I've heard comment that the approved 2% cap on property tax will NOT negatively affect library funding. LTA will provide a more thorough overview of the cap as we learn more. Our website will have ongoing updates on that and other issues.

Speaking of our LTA website, I'm pleased to let you know that LTA Board Member, Tish Fontanella, will be spearheading website development as part of the Communications committee. Tish has a real feel for interesting and informative content that you will find useful. You may see special features, regional highlights and answers to questions from our members.

The LTA board would like to thank our members and their library directors for answering our call for policies to add to our on-line database. Tim Gavin has entered hundreds of policies and is still open to receiving policies from libraries that have not submitted documents. Tim tells me that your library staffs have been great to work with and are excited about having this important resource available.

I hope you enjoy this edition of the Trustee.

Have a safe and healthy Summer.

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