Fall 2011

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President's Memo

By Mary Ellen O'Connor, LTA Board President

Fall 2011 issue of Trustee

Trustees helping trustees...

People become trustees of a library for many different reasons. Most people when elected or appointed to the position, do not have a clear understanding of what a trustee does, and what the duties and responsibilities encompass. Trustees must learn to train their minds to think like a trustee in order to make the best decisions for their library, just as a law school student must be trained to think like a lawyer or a medical school student to think like a doctor.

Even though new trustees receive a copy of the Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State and a copy of the booklet Statement on the Governance Role of a Trustee or Board Member, it actually takes years of education, training and experience on a board before a trustee develops their thinking process to include thinking like a trustee. This is why trustee training is so important.

What does being an LTA Certified Trustee say about you? It says that you’ve made the effort to educate yourself about libraries, in particular policy-making and budgets; library issues which include legislative advocacy; and, what your fiduciary role is as steward of local, state and public funding, along with decisions affecting library collections, buildings and equipment. It is a certification you can be proud to achieve.

Certified trustees can play a role in helping other trustees become certified by encouraging anyone on their board to start attending trustee training and recording their credits. They can also ask their board to set a goal to have every trustee certified. A fully certified board is an invaluable asset to the library, director, staff and patrons.

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