Summer 2010

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President's Perspective

Summer 2010 issue of Trustee

Let me begin by saying Thank You to the LTA board members for nominating me for a second term as President of this dynamic organization, and to you, the LTA members for electing me to continue to serve in this leadership role. My enthusiasm and commitment are as strong as ever.

The LTA board had a busy year implementing changes that would move us forward in meeting the organization’s goals. As we did last summer, the board participated in a workshop in June to review the past year’s activities. The workshop really gave us a chance to step back and appreciate how far we’ve come in twelve months. We were all overjoyed with the success of the 2010 Trustee Institute in Long Island. You will see highlights of the event in this issue. Future Institutes will continue to have a regional flavor and central location that we hope will encourage more trustees to attend. A regional focus will also allow trustees and systems to participate in the planning and programming.

The board had its first thorough look at the website redesign. I think you will be absolutely thrilled to see the improvements in ease of use, readability and content after Labor Day. We didn’t realize, truly, the scope of gathering policies from across the state and putting them in a searchable format. Through the efforts of our Intern,Tim Gavin, and the support of the State Librarian, the policy database will be a valuable tool for trustees and library directors, alike. I say that not only because of what we have seen but also because of the encouragement we received from trustees and librarians when we announced our plan to have a central repository for policies.

Looking ahead, we all realize that budget and legislative concerns will remain high on our list of priorities. Being good stewards of public funds requires each of us to understand our fiduciary responsibilities as trustees. Keeping abreast of laws and regulations can be daunting. We know our library patrons appreciate the materials and services available through libraries. Let’s work together to let our elected officials know that funding cuts are not in the best interest of our patrons and their constituents. I encourage you to keep in mind that, while we each work diligently for our own libraries and library systems, we must work together to have a strong voice in the State for library services. I know the Library Trustees Association can help bring a focus to important issues and continue to provide much needed training so each of us can be effective trustees.

I look forward to your input on our website and issues you feel need to be addressed. Once the website is live, members will be able to contact LTA board members directly as well as participate in discussions and survey. We’ll send out an announcement when the website goes live. Until then….

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