Summer 2010

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From the Editor's Desk

by Adria Ripka

Summer 2010 issue of Trustee

Let me begin my assignment as editor of the Trustee by thanking Sam Patton for bringing his wit, humor and insight to the Trustee during his tenure. Sam always gave readers something to think about and welcomed comments, articles and idea from LTA members and individuals in the world of libraries.

My connection to libraries began on Tipperary Hill in Syracuse. In the 1800’s that neighborhood had a strong Irish population which grew to include Ukrainians, Poles, and Russians. “My” library was Hazard branch. At the time, it was in a remodeled Victorian house. I remember my mother taking me to get a library card and I was overjoyed to have my own card and could borrow all those books! I’m still not over that first impression.

In college at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV, I participated in work study in the music library. In that job I learned Dewey and shelved books, but also came to appreciate how important access to information was to each student’s learning. I also came to recognize just how much our head librarian, Mrs. Canning knew, and how she treated all students with respect.

Over the past 15 years I have broadened my connection to the Onondaga County library system by becoming a member of the Friends of Salina Free Library in Mattydale, and now as a member of the Board of Trustees. Along the way I have met excellent people dedicated to keeping information readily available to everyone regardless of background or means. I look forward to meeting many more excellent people, especially LTA members, through the Trustee.

That’s enough of an introduction. Allow me to close with two thoughts. First, I still enjoy the role of being a library patron, and I hope you do, as well. Let me encourage you to treat yourself to a walk through the stacks at your library every now and then. Browse titles to come up with a book you know nothing about. Forget Google and find information through your library’s materials or databases. Use the computer lab, listen to an audiobook or download a title. I know we trustees have to focus on finances, policies and advocacy. But I firmly believe we need to enjoy our libraries as patrons to stay invigorated.

Second, remember that this newsletter and the Library Trustees Association are here for you, the library trustee. I look forward to receiving your comments, questions, concerns, good news. As a statewide organization, we can work together to keep well informed and ready for whatever challenges are ahead.

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