Spring 2010

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Trustee Ripka Honored by Onondaga County Public Library

Spring 2010 issue of Trustee

The Salina Free Library Board of Trustees nominated Adria Ripka to receive the Onondaga County Public Library Trustee of the Year Award. Her citation included these items. For over a decade Adria has been a dauntless advocate for libraries within the Onondaga County Public Library system. As a result of her commitment, she has amassed a record of remarkable achievement and provided inspiration to all those around her.

Adria began her active support of our library by becoming a member of the Salina Free Library Friends Group. In 1997 she was elected to the Board of Trustees, and has served as Advisory Council Representative, Board Vice-President and Board President. As Board President, Adria per- formed the yeoman’s task of guiding the library through the demolition of the old library and the construction of the new library.

Adria has always been willing to assist whenever the need arises. She has volunteered to serve on numerous Board committees and sub-committees and has been instrumental in helping to solve the many issues needing to be addressed by the Board. Never relinquishing her role in the Friends Group, she has been a fixture at all fund-raising events conducted for the benefit of the library and has served as the liaison between the Board and the Friends organization since 2001.

In addition to her involvement with the Salina Free Library, Adria has always shown a keen interest in helping other suburban member libraries improve cooperation and communication between themselves and with OCPL. She became a member of the Advisory Council of the Onondaga County Public Library in 2000 and was elected to serve as Advisory Council President in 2003, an office she held until 2009. She also spearheaded a letter-writing campaign that delivered over two thousand letters from concerned library patrons to legislators in Albany in 2005.

Adria’s abilities have not gone unnoticed by the OCPL Board. She has been tapped to serve on several OCPL committees including the Memorandum of Understanding Committee and twice as Executive Director Search Advisory Committee (2001 and 2007).

Adria has attended Gates Foundation workshops and several New York State Association of Library Boards Trustee Institutes, and is now a Trustee there.

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