Winter 2009

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The Library Circuit

Sam Patton, Editor

Winter 2009 issue of Trustee

We are frequently told that we need to “Brand” our libraries, to have them stand out as a community resource.  Here is one way to make our buildings very noticeable and eye catching.  The library is the Kansas City Public Library, and the information is from Brian Hunt,  Art Director.

The Kansas City Public Library’s Community Bookshelf showcases titles reflecting local readers’ eclectic interests.  Twenty-three book spines make up the colossal bookshelf that forms the front facade of the downtown Central Library’s parking garage.  Located across the street from Central Library, it covers a city block with each spine measuring approximately 25 by 9 feet.  The entire wall is fabricated from signboard mylar. The titles range from Fahrenheit 451 to The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes and from To Kill a Mocking Bird to Charlotte’s Web. Photo by Mike Sinclair.

Have any of you come across an unusual way to make a library stand out in some special way?  I’d like to hear from you.

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