Summer 2009

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President's Memo

Summer 2009 issue of Trustee

It is with great energy and much enthusiasm that I begin my year as NYSALB Board President!  It truly is an honor for me to serve trustees in such a visible leadership role. 

Unlike librarians who are specifically educated, trained and employed by libraries; trustees are volunteers who bring different levels of education, a variety of occupations, and a unique set of decision making skills to their library boards.  
When you think of the word LIBRARY many connective words pop up:  warm and fuzzy, free, story time, great memories, etc.  But in reality, a library is a business and trustees are charged with the fiscal responsibility to ensure that the library doors stay open.

And, like a business, trustees are responsible for creating policies which will positively affect the daily operation of the libraries, and guarantee the safety of its buildings, staff and patrons.

When I was elected a trustee of the Albany Public Library in 2002, I didn’t have a clue as to what a trustee’s position was all about, but I did know that I wanted to help the library.  In fact, the trustees who were elected with me had to “hit the ground running” because the plans to build two new branches and renovate three branches were already under discussion. 

What a learning curve I experienced!  Every time an opportunity came along to attend any kind of trustee training I took advantage of it.  To me, education is the key to responsible decision making, and I wanted to make the best decisions for my library. 
Over the next year, I’m hoping to build on the past successes of NYSALB and to be able to grow our organization as the primary resource for trustees in New York State.   Through this newsletter and our website, I will be able to keep you informed of our progress.  Until then…

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