Fall 2009

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From the Editor's Desk

Sam Patton, NYSALB Board

Fall 2009 issue of Trustee

This has been a very busy summer for us, and an eventful time for New York, with the budget still being put in place.  We need to continue to keep our legislators informed of the critical role we play for New Yorkers, especially when the economy and employment are not doing well.  Our users are also our suporters, and when we have the right connection, we can get library budgets passed.  Our library voters supported our modest increase by a two to one vote.

In a separate item you will read that we have three new Trustees on our NYSALB Board, and we welcome them.

I was pleased to be at the 50th anniversary meeting of our Mid Hudson Library System, held at the Culinary Institute of America.  We are fortunate to have an active system, and proud that our Executive Director, Josh Cohen, has served as NYLA President this year.

The 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s trip up what we now know as the Hudson River is bringing out many special events.  We had an opportunity to hear much more of our early history and the contributions made by the Netherlands, when the Bill of Sale for the transfer of land that is now Hyde Park, and the present Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, was exhibited at the Library.  We heard from Kersen De Jong, President of the Netherlands American Community Trust, and from

Charles Gehring, Director of the New Netherland Project of the New York State Library.  

If you have a story about an unusual event or project involving a library, please consider writing it up for the TRUSTEE “Library Circuit.”

The daylight time is geting shorter, and as we move into EST from EDT and have to realign our internal clocks, I remembered an old story attributed to a Native American Indian when Daylight Time was first proposed.  “Only the government would say that if you cut off a foot from the top of a blanket, then sew it onto the bottom, the blanket is now one foot longer.”

Keep warm, and join us for the Trustee Institute next May.

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