Winter 2008

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Should a Keyboard be Dishwasher Safe?

Sam Patton, TRUSTEE Editor

Winter 2008 issue of Trustee

This small item came to me as an ad, which I have tried to reproduce here.

 “The average keyboard harbors 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat,”  Dr. Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona.

Your library and school computers are a health hazard!

Here is what the experts say...

“Harmful bacteria can survive as long as 24 hours on computer keyboards.”  Dr. Gary K. Knoski, Northwestern Memorial.

Why clean your Keyboards and Mice ?

“All computer keyboards in public areas should be routinely disinfected every day.” Dr. William Rutala, University of North Carolina.

Seal Shield is the first and only fully dishwasher safe keyboard and mouse solution on the market.  We have built this product to help tackle infections, and the spread of germs in ... libraries... or any public areas.

I have not done a search of the faculty records to see if there are a Dr. Gerba, a Dr. Knowski or a Dr. Rutala at any of the places cited, nor have I browsed to their web site,

The ad certainly caught my eye, especially with the new publicity about strains of bacteria resistant to most antibiotics, and how they spread so readily.

Clearly, this is not an endorsement of any particular product.  If any library has tackled this problem, I’d appreciate hearing from you, by email or postal mail to NYSALB in Albany.

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