Summer 2008

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NYSALB Board Welcomes New Member

Summer 2008 issue of Trustee

Rita Reissig was elected to the NYSALB Board at the annual meeting of NYSALB at the Trustee Institute at Saratoga Springs. 

Her love and support of libraries has been a lifelong endeavor.  Rita was raised on a farm in central Kansas.  Once a week, the family car went to town for errands and essentials.  A trip to the library was always included.  The summertime reading program was very important to her and her parents.

Rita joined the board of trustees of the Geneva Free Library (an association library at the time) in January of 1999.  She was serving as President of the library when the library opted to become a school district public library in November of 2005.  As an elected trustee of the new school district library, she is currently active on the board and library activities and serves as the chairman of the internal audit committee.

From 2000 to 2005, she served as the central library representative on the Pioneer Library System board of trustees.  For two of those five years, Rita served as president of the Pioneer board.

Rita is currently in her first five-year term as an elected trustee of the Geneva Public Library.  The Geneva library still serves as the Central Library of the Pioneer Library System.

“I feel Pioneer has been a true leader in advocacy for libraries in New York.  Finally, it seems our trips to Albany are beginning to produce results for libraries across the state.  Certainly NYSALB has worked hard to make our legislative body more aware of the importance of libraries.” 

“Personally, I have always felt libraries are truly one institution that is available to everyone in our communities regardless of race or economic status.”

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