Fall 2003

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Trustee Alert! Executive Budget Proposes Deep Cuts to Libraries

Fall 2003 issue of Trustee

The proposed Executive budget will reduce State aid to libraries to  levels of a decade ago.  The proposed cut is $13.3 million, or 15%, from $88.9 million to $75.6 million.

This will create a snowball effect as it generates a comparable 15% cut in Federal Library Services and Technology Act funds - a $1.35 million loss in federal funds for New York's libraries.  The loss of LSTA funds would spell the end to NOVEL, New York's first online virtual library.

Add local cuts of 15% to 20% to that , and New Yorkers stand to lose significant library services.

The proposed cuts would come at a time when library use has surged 20% statewide since September 2001.  Add to that the facts that State funding for libraries and library systems has stagnated and libraries' buying power has plummeted as costs for materials have soared, and you've got the makings of a crisis.

Every library in every community will be impacted by these cuts.  Closed doors, elimination of services for the elderly and disabled, cuts to after school and reading programs, and an end to online and Internet services are only some of the dire consequences of the proposed cuts.

NYSALB urges members to take action!

  • Invite community and legislative leaders into your libraries.
  • Show them first hand how vital libraries are to their communities.
  • Write letters to the Governor and your legislators telling them how you feel about libraries and how important libraries are to education and the future of New York State.
  • Join the ADVOCATE, an advocacy listserv that gives you up-to-the-minute news, information, and communications about libraries and library advocacy.

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