Winter 2002

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From The Desk Of The Library Committee Chair

Assemblywoman Naomi C. Matusow

Winter 2002 issue of Trustee

Library Lifeline - Funding

The terrorist attacks of September 11th wounded our nation, and while our spirits have been scarred, our country has emerged stronger and more united. We continue to grieve and honor those that were lost as we work together to repair and restore our landscape, our economy, and our hearts.

Much well-deserved praise has been given for the remarkable efforts of rescue workers, firefighters, law enforcement personnel, blood donors, volunteers and contributors.  There is, however, another group whose response was also valuable - librarians.

While the rest of the nation struggled to comprehend what had happened, librarians immediately put their skill and experience to use identifying useful resources for those in need of assistance.  Information was posted to bulletin boards and web sites, and staff members were at the ready to answer questions and give direction to those who did not know to whom they could turn for help.  Libraries offered a wealth of information for those who wanted it, but also provided a quiet retreat for those who wanted to escape the media coverage for a short time.  Librarians were put to the test - and passed with flying colors.

The value of libraries to our communities continues to be demonstrated.  It is therefore all the more important to remind the Governor of the importance of providing financial support so that libraries can continue to be available as a resource, a refuge, and a gathering place for all New Yorkers.  While state funding is uncertain as we cope with the aftermath of September 11th, I will continue to work to secure funding for libraries, and I urge you to do the same.

Write to Governor George Pataki.  Tell him of your interest in and support of appropriate state funding of our libraries.  Never has this message been more important.

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