Fall 2002

The Trustee communicates issues affecting libraries and library services. Once a library and systems join LTA, all their trustees automatically receive this quarterly publication published by LTA. To learn more about membership in LTA, Click Here.

Great Library Trustees

By Susan Lehman Keitel, NYLA Executive Director

Fall 2002 issue of Trustee


  1. What the CIPA case means for each public library
  2. How to evaluate the director of a public library
  3. What the first step is in designing a new library or a library addition
  4. How to market a library
  5. How and when to recharter a library
  6. What the leadership responsibilities are of a library trustee
  7. What the demographics are of the population in the library's service area
  8. Why the New York State Legislature matters to library trustees
  9. How libraries work
  10. How to write a safety/security policy for the library

Trustees must be aware of a daunting number of issues. From capital construction to court cases, from budgets to baby-boomers, trustees need to have an awareness and perhaps a knowledge of dozens of issues that affect their library. Every trustee needs to be a quick study in a variety of areas that changes often, and every trustee needs to share with others what he or she has learned along the way.

How does a trustee become great at his job? One way is to attend the annual NYLA conference and take a crash course in as many trustee-related subjects as possible. Over a three day period, trustees can choose from dozens of programs, each of which covers at least one vital area of librarianship, administration, intellectual freedom, advocacy, technology, or leadership.

For trustees to increase their understanding and skills, there is no other opportunity in New York State as varied or as rich as NYLA's annual conference. To learn at your own pace, to renew old acquaintances, to make new professional friends and colleagues and to become a great trustee is possible once a year. DON'T MISS THIS YEAR'S OPPORTUNITY.

New York Library Association
Annual Conference
October 23-26, 2002
Buffalo, New York

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