Spring 2001

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President's Memo

by Davis Crippen, NYSALB President

Spring 2001 issue of Trustee

Dear Trustee,

This time around I'm peddling a handbook, but not just any handbook. It's the Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State: Millennium Edition. It was written by Malcolm Hill, director of the Mid-York Library System. Assisting Hill in getting out the handbook were the Public Library System Directors Organization of New York, the Division of Library Development of the New York State Library, and NYSALB. A lot of savvy library people were involved in producing this handbook and I think it shows in the final product.

Its contents run the gamut of trustee concerns from an explanation of the library network in New York State to some pointers on the sorts of people to look for to serve as trustees. In between are sections on such subjects as trustee duties and responsibilities (you can't get much closer that to the core of what we trustees should know), how library boards should be organized and our meetings run, and what we need to do to make sure that appropriate policies for our library are both set and executed. There is also a useful set of appendices in the handbook. They include a comparison of the types of public libraries in our state and a list of useful web sites.

Some of you, I'm sure, already have and are using this excellent handbook. For those of you who don't have it but would like to, there are a number of ways to get it. Many of the systems have copies. You can ask your director to check and see if they are available from your system.

Or, if you've got the technical smarts, you can download and print a copy of the handbook through NYSALB's web site . The site address is When you get there, you'll see what to do.

Or, thirdly, you can get copies of the handbook already printed from our offices. These copies cost $2.50 a piece, postage and handling included. Send a check for as many as you want to NYSALB; 3 Douglas Avenue; Rensselaer, NY 12144.

To end on a different subject: I'm sad to say that this will be my last memo to you. The term limits in NYSALB's bylaws are strict and I must soon leave the board. It's been a great nine-plus years and I want to send my best to everyone who've made them that for me -- trustees, fellow Board members, library professionals, and NYSALB staff. Thanks.

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