Fall 2001

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Letters Make A Difference

Fall 2001 issue of Trustee

Letters can make a difference when communicating with  your legislator. This is especially true if they concern an issue current to the legislator's agenda or focus. The following are suggestions when writing to your legislator:

  • The letter should be no longer than a page. If your story cannot be summarized in a page, include a summary or set of talking points to the letter.
  • Summarize your argument and identify the issue in the first sentences.
  • State your case with a human face. When the message is personal and heartfelt, it is more likely to paint a picture that the legislator can remember.
  • Make the letter local. On either a state or federal issue, develop facts on the local impact.
  • Address the letter to the representative's Capitol office. Also send a copy to the legislator's local office. That office is more likely to know your affiliation, and this may improve your ability to have an impact.
  • Whenever possible, type your correspondence so that the message is clear and easy to read.
  • Include your address, (e-mail and regular) and telephone number with your letter. It not only identifies you as a constituent, but also facilitates any follow-up the staff may want to perform.

 (Courtesy:  The Healthcare Association of New York State)

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