April 2000

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Letters to the Letters to the Editor

April 2000 issue of Trustee

When space permits, with authors permission, we will be reprinting letters sent in response to articles appearing in TRUSTEE. The following is one of many received following Parry Teasdale's article "Standards For Trustees."

TO: Parry Teasdale, President - NYSALB
FROM: Peter Ward, Director, Smithfield Library

I read with great interest your article regarding standards for library trustees that appeared recently in TRUSTEE. As a library administrator, I strongly support your proposal that trustees receive some type of formal training.

Holding a library board position is a challenging, yet rewarding experience. A library trustee is responsible for making decisions that involve public funds and is therefore subject to a high degree of accountability. In addition, the fast-paced information technology environment we live in has put the public library in a position of continually having to clarify and justify its role. As a result, the task a library trustee faces today is not only more demanding but also more complex.

I have recently begun developing an independent learning course for trustees. It focuses on the roles, duties and responsibilities of a library trustee, along with some basic terminology and concepts. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss my project with you in more detail at your convenience. Please feel free to telephone or e-mail me.

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