July 1999

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1999 NYSALB Trustee Institute

July 1999 issue of Trustee


Malcolm K. Hill

Donna Meixner

Constance M. Brace

Paul (Bill) Crumlish

Martin Gomez

Bill Taber

Parry Teasdale

Kenda James


160 trustees from 74 libraries and 18 library systems statewide participated in NYSALB’s recent Third Annual Trustee Institute.  The program, held in Albany, NY on April 30 and May 1, played to a packed audience and was a resounding success.  NYSALB directors were able to continue to fulfill one of their organization’s goals of providing educational opportunities to trustees of both large and small libraries. Library trustees attending the event were given a range of learning options to select from and provided with ample opportunities for networking with counterparts from libraries throughout New York State.


The Institute’s first program took place directly after dinner on Friday evening when trustees shared workable Library Success Stories of all types. One of the main objectives of the evening exercise was to provide trustees with a supply of new ideas with which to return to their home libraries.


Saturday morning trustees were able to select from four challenging programs. Two programs ran from 9:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. and two from 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. 


Malcolm Hill, director of the Mid-York Library System, discussed the Duties and Responsibilities of Library Trustees focusing particularly on laws affecting libraries and trustees. Donna Meixner, Meixner Associates, Slingerland, NY, provided trustees attending her session with directions for developing and Using Focus Groups to Determine Patron Needs. Ms. Meixner runs a training company.


The next session offered trustees was a panel discussion that included Kenda James, Bill Taber and Parry Teasdale. The three presenters, all trustees of small libraries, discussed governance techniques for Making The Most of Your Small Library.  Parry Teasdale is president of NYSALB and Bill Taber is a director of the orgasnization. Kenda James is president of SmartWorks Software Farms, a PR, software technology and marketing company.


Constance Brace, an associate partner in the architectural firm of Quinlivan Pierik & Krause, Syracuse, NY, offered trustees attending one of the final morning sessions a look into Library Space and Facility Planning.   The program was an insight into the work that trustees must consider prior to making expansion and building decisions.


Paul (Bill) Crumlish and Martin Gomez concluded NYSALB’s Trustee Institute after lunch with a power point presentation on the plans and activities of The Regents Commission on Library Services.  The presenters serve as vice co-chairs of the Regents Commission and were able to respond to a range of audience questions on the subject.

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