April 1999

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Library of Congress

April 1999 issue of Trustee

Book Source

 This following information might be useful for trustees working with a particularly tight library budget.

The Library of Congress has available at all times, surplus books which are not needed for its own use. The books are available for donation to tax-exempt educational institutions such as libraries, schools etc. The publications are miscellaneous in character and, although shelved for inspection, are not arranged in any way, nor have they been listed or described. Most of the books have been turned over to the Library of Congress by other federal agencies. The collection, therefore, includes few publications at the primary or secondary school levels. Some books useful to school libraries do, however, appear in this collection from time to time.

Members of the Library staff are not authorized to make selections on behalf of interested parties and the Library of Congress does not pay transportation costs to ship the selected titles. There is constant turnover in the content and size of the collection.

In the opinion of the Library staff, it should be noted that the value of materials available at any one time do not warrant the expenditure of traveling expenses to Washington, D.C. Eligible organizations may, however, designate someone in the Washington area to act on their behalf.

For further details, interested libraries should contact:

Robert M. Overmiller, Acquisitions Specialist, The Library of Congress, 101 Independence Avenue, SE, Washington, D.C. 20540-4172.

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