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  • LTA Board of Directors Meeting



    LTA Board of Directors Meeting

    March 7-8, 2014

    Hampton Inn, Albany, NY


    March 7, 2014



    Present: Martha Anderson, John Eberhardt , Tish Fontanella, Mark Friden, Kim Garrett, Bola Majekdunmi, Suzanne Stockman and Adria Ripka. 

    Excused: Bob Presutti


    I. Call to Order

    Tish Fontanella called the meeting to order at 7:18 pm.


    II. Public Comment

    No public comment at this time.


    III. Approval of Minutes

    Martha moved to approve the minutes from the Jan 11, 2014 meeting, as amended, and John E. seconded.  The minutes were approved unanimously.


    IV. Introductions

    John McCarthy (UHLS) was introduced to the Board as a potential LTA Director.


    V. Treasurer’s Report

    Mark discussed current finances and commented that the Buffalo Erie County Library System renewed for the next three years. There were no further comments and the report was accepted for filing.


    VI. President’s Report

     Mandatory Trustee Training discussion is ongoing.


     VII. Committee Reports



    Bola related that a slate of officers for the 2014-2015 year has to be submitted 30 days prior to the Institute and that the slate would be voted on during the Institute.


    Candidates for open LTA Director positions were introduced: John McCarthy (UHLS) and Jean Currie (FLLS).



    Plans for the NYLA Conference were discussed. Martha relayed the planned presentation by Dick Strauss and Joe Eisner. There was discussion that the presentation should include hot topics, a Q&A portion, and should focus on ways to inspire trustees to “think beyond the monthly meeting.”


    Suzanne relayed that as part of a financially co-sponsored program by the Empire Friends Roundtable (a Section of NYLA), that she would be presenting on the topic of library Foundations.


    Tish and Martha conveyed the most current plans for the Trustee Institute. Final proofs of brochures were shared. Suzanne asked for clarification of options for transportation. It was reconfirmed that baskets would be created by each Board Member to represent their respective regions and these would be raffled off at the Institute. The World Café Model was discussed in more detail.


    Tish relayed that step by step roles/explanations would be provided to LTA Directors so they could efficiently help out at the Institute. It was agreed that tickets would be sold at 5 for $5 or 12 for $10 for the Baskets that and that tickets would be sold at “arms length” for the PAC 50/50 raffle



    Martha reported on Advocacy Day, relating that the larger focus this year was on the budget. She also reported on enthusiasm of the Read Poster. LTA had a table where trustees and directors could meet with LTA Directors.



    Compared to previous years, membership continues to trend well. However, efforts to relay LTA’s services and to attract more members have to continue, especially as the Institute approaches.



    Adria discussed the feasibility of expanding the number/frequency of mailed information to members, including newsletters. In combination with web material and e-mail blasts, members appreciate receiving news via mailings.



    The slate of Award candidates was discussed by Adria and Suzanne. During the course of the nomination process the Board has ironed out some procedures and this year was the first year an online form was used for solicitation of nominations. Award recipients were chosen for VKM, Distinguished Service, Outstanding Trustee and Outstanding Friend.


    VIII. Executive Session

    At 9 pm, Martha moved for the Board to go into Executive Session to discuss LTA Director positions. The motion was seconded by Kim. At 9:20 Kim moved for the Board to come out of Executive Session. This was seconded by Martha, and the Board reconvened.


    IX. LTA Directors

    John McCarthy and Jean Currie were invited back to the meeting. John E made a motion to approve John McCarthy to fill the LTA Director seat from UHLS. Mark seconded. The motion was carried unanimously. Adria made a motion to approve Jean Currie to fill the LTA Director seat from FLLS. John E seconded. The motion was carried unanimously.



    Kim made a motion to adjourn the Friday portion of the meeting at 9:45. Bola seconded.


    March 8, 2014


    X. Call to Order

    Tish called the meeting to order at 9:15 am.


    IX. Old Business

    Ongoing discussion concerning an LTA Strategic Plan was discussed. Bola, along with John McCarthy and Suzanne agreed to devise a questionnaire to be passed out at the Institute.


    Martha suggested that a third party be invited to help conduct LTA’s strategic planning.


    X. New Business

    The Board agreed to schedule a conference call on Thursday, April 10 at 7:30 to discuss Trustee Institute preparations. Meetings dates of September 12-13, and November 14-15 at the Hampton Inn were tentatively agreed upon.


    Bylaws were read and reviewed by the Board.


    It was agreed that Tim should draft the following policies: harassment, conflict of interest, code of ethics, sponosorship, and whistleblower, and submit them to the Board for further discussion.


    Upcoming webinars were discussed included a Jerry Nichols webinar planned for June 10 focusing on Trustee/Director Relationships and a possible webinar with Libby Post.



    Mark made a motion to adjourn the meeting 12:23pm. Martha seconded.




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