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  • LTA Board of Directors Meeting



    LTA Board of Directors Meeting

    January  11, 2014

    Conference Call

    Saturday (9am – 12pm)




    Present:  Bob Presutti, Martha Anderson, John Eberhardt , Tish Fontanella, Mark Friden, Suzanne Stockman, Kim Garrett, and Adria Ripka. 

    Excused:  Bola Majekdunmi


    Call to Order

    Bob Presutti called the meeting to order at 9:02 am.

    John Eberhardt announced that he had just been nominated Secretary on the Suffolk Cooperative Library System Board.


    Approval of Minutes

    A motion was made by Adria, and seconded by Mark to amend the By-Laws , Article III, Section I to read as follows: General meetings of the membership may be called at the discretion of the LTA Board of Directors. The membership may transact such business as comes before it at meetings so called.  The motion was passed unanimously.

    Adria moved to approve the minutes from the Nov 1-2, 2013 meeting, as amended, and Tish seconded.  The minutes were approved unanimously.


    President’s Report

    Bob provided an summary of NYLA’s  2014 Legislative Agenda and the NYLA  conference call at which legislation to call for mandatory trustee training was introduced and discussed with NYLA’s Legislative Committee.  The Board discussed the legislation as proposed, and decided that more details needed to be ironed out.  There was a call to find a list of supporters for this legislation, a list of obstacles and roadblocks, and a list of all training programs or Institutes that systems currently have.


    Committee Reports


    Mark had nothing additional to add to the reports.



    Tish and Martha updated the Board concerning the 2014 Trustee Institute.  Tish mentioned that the program layout was in place and available on the website.  Tish and Martha discussed items which needed to be followed up on, including: baskets from each LTA Director, getting a van in place, and obtaining sponsorships.  At the Features Fair, ten tables will be available, and Bernie will speak at the end of Friday’s dinner.

    At the Saturday workshop, there would be 4-5 tables in each of the three workshops.  Using the World Café Model, trustees would be asked to engage in challenging questions at each of the tables.  At the General Session workshop, Robert Hubsher would speak for 10-15 minutes, and then panelists would present at each table.

    Tish and Martha set a goal of $5000 for sponsorships.  There will be pens and portfolios as giveaways. All legislators from the three systems will be invited.  There will be no shuttle to the hotel, but Tish agreed to pick-up anyone needing transportation.

    Adria encouraged outreach to Connecticut and New Jersey, and mentioned that the Institute would be promoted in the recently mailed newsletter.

    Tish asked that baskets be sent to her directly or brought to the March meeting.

    Kim brought up the question of which expenditures had to be voted on and approved by the board.

    A motion to support the cost of a keynote speaker was made by Martha, and seconded by John.  The Board voted to approve the expenditure, 7-1, with Mark opposing.


    Martha reported that she would be attending NYLA’s January Legislative meeting, along with Tim.

    Advocacy Day 2014.  LTA will have a table present where trustees could receive gold stickers announcing that they were trustees, and free advocacy t-shirts would be handed out.  LTA flyers and other material will be available.



    Tim discussed membership progress.  It was decided that the next step would be to send out a letter directly to board presidents, along with LTA information.  The letter would be designed and confirmed by Bob and the Membership Committee Chairs – John and Kim.

    Tim reiterated a concern about having up-to-date contact information for directors and trustees.



    Suzanne mentioned that she had been seeking out candidates within MCLS.  



    The board discussed at length how to best promote services going forward and how to improve online outreach, services and contact information.   



    Adria reminded the Board to be on the lookout for the Winter Trustee, which had just been mailed.  She asked that Board members notify her when they received the newsletter in the mail.

    Award nominations were called for in the newsletter.  Letters would be sent to board members and directors, and online forms are available.  All would be promoted and distributed in various formats. As to date, Adria reported that she had not received any nominations.





    Old Business

    Meeting Dates in 2014

    The following dates were confirmed:

    March 7-8, 2014 Hampton Inn

    May 2-3, 2014 Westchester, NY at Trustee Institute

    June 13-14, 2014 Hampton Inn 

     Sponsorship Reconsiderations

    Tish and Martha announced that there would be three sponsorship tiers for the Institute:

    $500, $1000, and $1500



    New Business

    Advocacy Day 2014

    Bob, John, Martha, Tish and Tim would be present.


    A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Adria  and was seconded by Mark.  The board approved unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:46 am.


    Respectfully submitted by: Timothy Gavin, Association Manager 01-20-2014

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