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  • LTA Board of Directors Meeting



    LTA Board of Directors Meeting

    November 1-2, 2013

    Hampton Inn, Albany, NY


    Friday, November 1




    • Present: Bob Presutti, Martha Anderson, John Eberhardt , Tish Fontanella, Mark Friden, Kim Garrett, Bola Majekdunmi, and Adria Ripka. 

    • Excused: Suzanne Stockman


    1. Call to Order

    Bob Presutti called the meeting to order at 7:31 pm.

    1. Public Comment

    No public comment at this time.


    1. Approval of Minutes

    Minutes from September 2013 were approved unanimously.


    1. Introductions

    No introductions.


    1. Treasurer’s Report

    • Mark presented the 2014 budget. There were continued concerns reaching revenue and membership goals. There were also concerns about TI expenses. Mark explained that even with the significant reduction in some professional reimbursements reaching budget goals would still be a significant challenge.

    • John moved to approve the budget, Bola seconded the motion and the vote passed unanimously.


    1. President’s Report


    • Bob re-introduced the draft legislation for mandatory trustee training. While the board was generally in favor of the legislation, there was discussion about making sure that some issues were looked into further. This included some debate over the elimination of any mandatory funding and to what extent trustees should be grandfathered into the mandated training program.



    1. Committees

    1. Charges to

    Bob reviewed goals and directives for committees to date and going forward


    1. Reports

    • Finance


      • Mark discussed the Sept reports.

      • Concerns about membership goals resurfaced and there was further clarification about the budget.

    • Education 2014 Institute


    • Tish and Martha presented an updated draft of the outline of presentations for the Institute. They met with Terry Kirchner and Elise Burke of WLS and discussed that they would be meeting with them for further discussion.


    • The theme this year will be “Challenging the Past to Create the Future.” Tish and Martha elaborated on the basic outline of planned presentations and discussed the need to decide on a key-note speaker and what type of sponsorships and raffles LTA wanted to include this year. Kim’s ideas to have each LTA Director from the Board bring a basket to raffle off which would include items that represented their region of the state was confirmed. The Board agreed to either bring baskets to the Institute or to bring them to Kim at the next board meeting in March.


    • The Board debated the costs and benefits of different food options. The Board decided to go with plated options. There was also discussion about how to budget for the Institute and to set registration prices that were affordable.


    • Legislation


    • Martha reported that she sent out a draft about NYLA’s legislative agenda for 2014. The draft would be posted on the website.


    • Advocacy Day 2014 – February 27 (Thursday). Martha reminded the Board that contrary to previous years, that this year all Advocacy Day activities would be held in “The Well.”



    • Membership


    • Tim discussed that the 2014 Membership Drive would begin on Nov 15 with a mailing to all libraries and systems. Mailings would include a letter explaining the detailed activities and service of LTA.


    • Bob reminded the Board that a focus on the membership drive and recruiting new members was an absolute must – which was agreed upon by the rest of the Board.


    • A reminder from September’s meeting: as funds diminish, it was noted that membership recruitment is extremely crucial. Many board members were not familiar with the current process of the membership drive – and the board discussed that this could be rectified.


    • Bob and Kim worked on updated letters to board presidents, and John and Kim volunteered to help organize a phone bank.


    • Nominating


    • Bola indicated that he had been in contact with a potential representative and would follow-up with details.


    • The Board discussed ways to obtain more nominations, including Queens and Clinton-Essex.


    • Communications


    • Adria announced that the Fall newsletter was completed and that LTA members should be receiving the mailing shortly.


    • Tish reminded the Board to visit the recently updated website which for the first time would include a feature on Membership, and that the updated site should be live within the next few days.


    • Awards


    • Adria announced plans to have Award announcements included in the Winter newsletter. Tish mentioned that the announcements would also be posted on an upcoming website update.




    The Friday night meeting was adjourned by Bob Presutti at 8:50pm, seconded by Mark Friden.




    Saturday, November 2 (9 am – 12 pm)



    1. Call to Order

    Bob Presutti called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.


    1. Guests

    (no guests at this meeting)


    1. Old Business

    • Meeting Dates in 2014

    The following dates were confirmed through June, 2014:

    • January 11, 2014 (via conference call; 9-12pm)

    • March 7-8, 2014 Hampton Inn

    • May 2-3, 2014 Westchester, NY at Trustee Institute

    • June 13-14, 2014 Hampton Inn


    • NYLA Conference 25 to 28 September; Niagara Falls, NY

    • Bob Presutti; Martha Anderson, John Eberhardt and Tim Gavin attended the NYLA Conference. There was a lot of engagement between NYLA and LTA Board Members and Staff, and between system directors, library directors, trustees and other attendees. The LTA sponsored presentation featuring Bob Freeman was extremely well attended and informative.







    1. New Business

    • Proposal: Joe Eisner Q&A Member Feature (board action required)


    • Tim presented a formal proposal for a new LTA service which would feature Joe Eisner and would allow LTA members to ask Joe questions. The proposal stipulated that people with library related question could either call or e-mail Joe, and that LTA would provide a 1-800 number which callers could use to contact Joe directly.


    • The Board wanted to make sure that the service was monitored and periodically reviewed for traffic, that a disclaimer would be provided by Joe during any e-mail or phone conversations reminding callers that while well versed in library law and regulation, that he was a not a lawyer.


    • The Board also requested that Joe be provided with a spreadsheet which could be used to communicate with Tim on a regular basis, and which Tim could then share with the Board.


    • Adria made a friendly motion to request that in this spreadsheet, that callers and statistics were noted, as well as questions and answers. Adria also asked that Joe write an e-mail response for any phone call which could be shared with the board. With the inclusion of Adria’s amendments, the motion was passed: Bola moved that the motion be voted be voted on, and this was seconded by John. The proposal passed with unanimous consent.


    • Proposal: LTA support of NYLTO (board action required)

    • Tim presented a formal proposal for a revisit of the SALS developed and RCLS hosted NYLTO service.


    • In an effort to forge partnerships, LTA was in favor of supporting the NYLTO project with the following agreements made in partnership with SALS:


    • 1) There would be two LTA members on the NYLTO steering committee (Tim and Kim) and that one board member (Kim was nominated) would serve on the education committee. 2) LTA would be listed as a supporter of the project on the homepage of NYLTO along with a direct link to LTA’s website. 3) Language and typos referring to ‘Trustees Associations” would be revised and updated, and LTA would be listed as the “only NY state trustee association” and that ALTAFF would be updated to “United for Libraries.” 4) A link within the Trustees Association section of NYLTO would be redirected to LTA’s homepage and revised language concerning LTA’s service would replace the language that was currently listed on the website. 5) Working with LTA’s webmaster, a direct category link to LTA’s policy database would be provided within each of NYLTO’s policy category sections. 6) There would be open and honest collaboration between both parties going forward in an effort to maintain a strong partnership.


    • A motion to vote on the proposal was made by John and seconded by Kim. The proposal passed with unanimous consent.





    • Proposal: Sponsorship Reconsideration (board action required)


    • Tim presented an informal proposition that sponsorship fees be revisited. Tish, Martha and parties that were involved with planning the TI had been considering similar options.


    • The Board agreed that there was further work to be done to settle on prices for corporate and newsletter sponsorships, but it was agreed that to help sponsor the TI that three tiers of sponsorships would be made available on a trial basis: a silver sponsorship ($250 which would include a name in the TI program), a gold sponsorship ($500 which would include the silver benefits but would also allow for the sponsorship of an event), and a platinum sponsorship ($1000 which would include the benefits of the other plans but also allow for the sponsorship of a table, a program and a mention on LTA’s website.). Also discussed were possibilities that programs, dinners, or other events at the TI could be sponsored.



    Meeting was adjourned at 2:36 pm by Bob Presutti and seconded by Mark Friden.


    Respectfully submitted by: Timothy Gavin, Association Manager 01-04-2014


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