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  • LTA Board of Directors Meeting



    LTA Board of Directors Meeting

    September 20-21, 2013

    Hampton Inn, Albany, NY


    Friday, September 20




    • Present: Bob Presutti, Martha Anderson, John Eberhardt , Tish Fontanella, Mark Friden, Kim Garrett, and Adria Ripka. 

    • Excused: Bola Majekdunmi, Suzanne Stockman.


    1. Call to Order

    Bob Presutti called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.

    1. Public Comment

    No public comment at this time.


    1. Approval of Minutes

    No minutes to approve.


    1. Introductions


    • LTA’s new Association Manager, Tim Gavin, discussed at length his vision for LTA and what he had learned from his past three years working for LTA in other capacities.


    • He expressed great appreciation at being brought on to represent LTA in his new position and was grateful for the continued support that LTA Directors had shown and for their enthusiasm and optimism for the future.


    • Tim communicated that he wanted to focus on building and repairing bridges between LTA and other library organizations and personnel, expanding membership resources (like webinars and members only tools), and his desire to continue to reach out to individual trustees, libraries and systems to make sure that they felt a strong sense of belonging to LTA.


    • Tim also expressed concerns about LTA’s current fiscal situation and his openness to suggestions about how to improve outreach and LTA’s membership drive.


    • As Association Manager, Tim explained that he felt his role was to be a liaison for LTA and between its committees, to provide advice and support as necessary for LTA Directors and members, and to expand and improve communication (both internally and externally). He reminded Board Members that he was always there to help however possible.


    • Tim also reported on his meeting with Jeremey, Director of NYLA; conversations with trustees and directors; and plans to meet with Joe Eisner (along with Bob and Martha) at NYLA to discuss the implementation of a Q&A advice forum for trustees.


    1. Treasurer’s Report

    • Mark reported that there was no new revenue in August and addressed the concerns of a budget short-fall.


    1. President’s Report


    • Bob introduced written legislation for mandatory trustee training. In this proposal, Bob addressed aforementioned potential obstacles to this bill, as outlined by Sen. Hugh Farley, and also eliminated any mandate for funding. There were some questions that still needed to be answered before this legislation was voted on by the Board. This included some debate over the elimination of any mandatory funding and to what extent trustees should be grandfathered into the mandated training program. The motion was tabled, pending further discussion.



    The Friday night meeting was adjourned by Bob Presutti at 8:50pm, seconded by Mark Friden.



    Saturday, September 21 (9 am – 12 pm)


    Call to Order

    Bob Presutti called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.


    1. Committees

    1. Descriptions


    • Bob handed out new committee assignments and descriptions of each.


    1. Charges to


    • Bob explained how and why he designed the committees and explained that all board members would be charged with driving membership. He also explained his reasoning behind the new arrangement of committee meeting and board meeting times. Bob encouraged group wide participation between all committees at all times and all board members to speak openly and honestly about all matters of concern.


    1. Reports:

    • Finance


    • Mark discussed the August reports. Tim explained that he and Mark would be working on developing a budget for the 2014 Fiscal Year.


    • Education 2014 Institute


    • Tish and Martha reported on the initial findings and booking of the 2014 Institute, which will be held at the Tarrytown Marriot on May 2-3. They met with Terry Kirchner and Elise Burke of WLS and drafted a plan, theme and questions for further discussion.


    • The theme this year will be “Challenge the Past to Create the Future.” Tish and Martha discussed the basic outline of planed presentations and discussed the need to decide on a key-note speaker and what type of sponsorships and raffles LTA wanted to include this year. Kim brought up an idea of having each LTA Director from the Board bring a bag to raffle off which would include items that represented their region of the state. The Board agreed on this course of action.


    • The Board debated the costs and benefits of different food options. The Board decided to go with plated options.


    • Tish and Martha were thanked for their hard work and planning, which will help set the TI up for success, and for submitting a well-thought out plan so early on in the year from which to work.



    • Legislation


    • Martha reported on NYLA’s legislative meeting where she learned that a new approach would be taken this year. As opposed to previous years, a strategy to work first with the executive (governor’s) budget would be taken to avoid the more piecemeal attempts for budget increases that were taken in the past.


    • Advocacy Day 2014 – February 27 (Thursday).


    • Membership


    • The need for an active membership committee in which all members of the Board were a part was discussed. As funds diminish, it was noted that membership recruitment is extremely crucial. Many board members were not familiar with the current process of the membership drive – it was discussed that this was something that needed to change. Kim suggested the idea of a phone bank, and requested that board members be provided with a script.


    • Nominating


    • Mark reported that there were no new nominations, and no information as to follow-up on from previous names that had come up for discussion.


    • Tim mentioned that Rusty, former director of STLS, was interested in becoming an LTA Director, but was not currently sitting on a library board.


    • The board confirmed that revised by-laws allowed for one trustee from each library system to sit on LTA’s Board. The board agreed that this was something that it continue to want and an attempt would be made to recruit a board member from every system. Bob requested that Tim provide an updated list of systems which needed to be represented on LTA’s Board.


    • Communications


    • Tish discussed upcoming developments to the website and a plan to announce new web items on LTA’s listserv on a monthly basis, and Adria discussed the up and coming newsletter and topics.


    • New forums for PR and disseminating information including LTA’s listserv, NYLINE, press releases, Facebook and Twitter were discussed.


    • Awards


    Adria discussed plans to start spreading the word about the TI and awards in the upcoming newsletter.




    1. Guests

    • Carol Desch (NYS Library Services)


    • Carol joined the meeting at 9:40am. Carol discussed up-and-coming SED events, new developments concerning “Common Core” requirements, SED’s presence at NYLA, NovelNY and ways to spread information about this database and its enhancements.


    • Carol also discussed updates to the “20/20 Vision” especially as it related to mandatory trustee training. Carol shared research that was done on common practices for school boards, and Bob Presutti shared his (and potentially LTA’s) proposal.


    • Carol suggested that LTA consider hotel alternatives, like Sheraton, to provide cheaper hotel accommodations for attendees of the Westchester TI.


    1. Old Business

    • Board Meeting Dates in 2013 – Nov 1-2 Hampton Inn



    1. New Business

    • NYLA Conference 25 to 28 September; Niagara Falls, NY


    • Bob Presutti; Martha Anderson, John Eberhardt and Tim Gavin would be attending. The Board agreed that there would be no booth this year due to financial constraints, however Tim and others would pass out LTA information whenever and however possible.


    • Meeting Dates in 2014

    The following dates were confirmed through June, 2014:

    • January 11, 2014 (via conference call; 9-12pm)

    • March 7-8, 2014 Hampton Inn

    • May 2-3, 2014 Westchester, NY at Trustee Institute

    • June 13-14, 2014 Hampton Inn


    • Strategic Plan

      1. Where are we?

      2. Where do we want to go?

      3. How are we going to get there?


    • Time did not allow full a full exploration of the findings from the June workshop. However, a review of Trustee Institute goals found that the TI committee had mostly met all perceived goals as outlined in the June meeting.


    • Concerning forming a formal Stategic Plan from the General Planning notes, more time was needed. However, it was announced that plans for the development of an LTA Facebook site were underway, and it was agreed that LTA would pursue the development of a members only FAQ guide for trustees.


    • Future TI locations were discussed as was a possible need to have more separation between NYLA Conference locations and TI locations.


    • It was also agreed that to improve collaboration and communication, Board Members would use LTA email addresses to access Google Drive, and that documents would be shared via this tool in the future.






    Meeting was adjourned at 2:36 pm by Bob Presutti and seconded by Mark Friden.






    Respectfully submitted by: Timothy Gavin, Association Manager 09-22-2013


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