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  • LTA Board of Directors Meeting



    LTA Board of Directors Meeting

    Hampton Inn in Albany, NY

    Saturday, March 2, 2013


    ATTENDANCE: Present: Mary Ellen O'Connor, Martha Anderson, Kim Garrett, Mark Friden, Bola Majekodunmi, Bob Presutti, Suzanne Stockman, Tish Fontanella and George Stamatiades. Excused: John Eberhardt and Adria Ripka


    CALL TO ORDER: Mary Ellen called the meeting to order at 9:12am. No public comment at this time.


    MINUTES: Minutes were distributed. Mark made a motion to approve the May 4, 2012 board minutes as corrected. Suzanne seconded it. The motion was approved and the vote passed unanimously. Bob made a motion to approve the January 14, 2013 board minutes as corrected. Mark seconded it. The motion was approved and the vote passed unanimously.





    Mark shared the balance sheet and profit and loss statements. Report is to be filed.


    PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Mary Ellen detailed the following items in her report:

    NYLA conference program planning happens in January which we missed. Mary Ellen has secured Bob Freeman for our sponsored session at the 2013 conference in September. Mary Ellen also asked if NYLA if LTA could do a session on trustee training and Jeremy said yes for Saturday.




    Mark reported Nothing further to report.



    Suzanne reported on Institute. Tables at the Institute may include: CS Arch and Dignity possibly, State Ed will have a table, and we will ask our speaker of Signature Development. Kim will seek out some vendors that may be interested and if we can collect a nominal fee of $100 for cost. A local author may be an option.


    EXECUTIVE: no report



    Martha will be attending Advocacy Day planning meeting to learn more specific plans. In district meet as follow up to March 5. They want people to work local levels, dates are March 8 and 15. LTA could send an email blast encouraging trustees to follow up with their politicians and embed the link to NYLA politician find. Advocacy Day is Tue March 5. Kim reported for the day LTA will have t shirts to sell at $20 piece. We ordered 150. Gold stickers with Trustee on them will also be distributed.



    George expressed his long term thoughts on growing LTA. The board received lists of libraries that were recent members but have yet to renew in 2013. Board members were asked to contact their system libraries and secure their renewal.


    NOMINATING: Bola presented a possible slate of officers for next year.

    President: Bob Vice-President: Tish Secretary: Kim Treasurer: Mark


    COMMUNICATIONS: No report.


    Tish made a motion to accept Velma K. Moore nominee Dale Wexell (Southern Tier Library System) as 2013 recipient. Mark seconded. The motion was approved and the vote passed unanimously. Albert Martin (Lancaster Public Library) was named the Outstanding Trustee and Mary Anne Braunbach (Hoag Library) was named Outstanding Friend. Dick Strauss will receive the Distinguished Service Award.



    The committee's recommendation was shared relating to the hiring a consultant that will fulfill the role as executive director. Mary Ellen asked for questions after accepting the motion of the recommendations. Bob made a motion to accept the recommendations of the search committee. Suzanne seconded.


    Tish asked for the contract to be for one year and the board agreed. Bob led the group through discussion of areas outlined. Fund raising to include PR, do not detail number of systems to visit, increase membership and include Institute as an activity. This action should take place as soon as possible rather than May 1.


    Mary Ellen asked for vote on the recommendations of search committee as amended at this meeting. Bob made the motion to approve the recommendations as amended in discussions and Suzanne seconded it. The motion was approved and the vote passed. There was one nay.


    Mary Ellen suggested that we charge $50 per inquiry on yet to be established 'members only' section which would allow trustees to send in a request to gain some advice on legal issue. Joe Eisner would respond in a basic way and guide the person to their next steps.


    Board Meeting Dates in 2013: May 3 at 2:30 PM, Sept 20/21



    2014 Institute - Westchester in possibly Tarrytown (Marriott or Sheraton) or Rye.

    2015 Institute - in Syracuse at Turning Stone

    2016 Institute - in Lake Placid

    Bob made the motion to hold the 2016 Institute in Lake Placid. Mark second the motion. The vote carried unanimously.


    Mary Ellen asked for a conference call to be set up for the LTA board on April 13 at 9 AM to discuss members only section on the web, position update from the committee and wrap up final details on the Institute.


    June 14/15 has been set for the summer workshop to work on the strategic plan.

    George and Bola were excused at 12:15 PM ADJOURNMENT: meeting adjourned at 1:50 PM

    Submitted by, Margaret Malicki March 2, 2013

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