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  • LTA Board of Directors Meeting


    LTA Board of Directors Meeting
    Hampton Inn in Albany, NY
    Saturday, January 12, 2013

    ATTENDANCE:  Present: Mary Ellen O'Connor, Martha Anderson, Kim Garrett, John Eberhardt, Mark Friden, Bola Majekdunmi, George Stamatiades and Adria Ripka. Excused: Bob Presutti, Suzanne Stockman (called in for Education Committee discussion), Tish Fontanella

    CALL TO ORDER:  Mary Ellen called the meeting to order at 9:12am. No Public Comment at this time.

    MINUTES:  Minutes from the May 2012 meeting were still not collected and could not be voted on.  They will be distributed for the March meeting.  Adria made a motion to approve the November 17, 2012 board minutes as corrected. Mark seconded it. The motion was approved and the vote passed unanimously.  

    GUEST INTRODUCTIONS: Carol Desch joined the meeting at 9:12 am. Carol was confirmed to attend Institute and will have State Library booth. Reported NYLA priority for State budget is to restore funding to 2007-08 to $102 million.

    TREASURER'S REPORT: Mark discussed final 2012 numbers and compared to 2011. Our needs slowed for major investments in organizational improvements. Emphasis for next year needs to look on increasing memberships and fund raising. Report is to be filed.

    PRESIDENT'S REPORT:  Mary Ellen detailed the following items in her report:


    Reported that she met with the State Librarian to update on activities. She also met with Roger Tilles and asked to meet with State Comptroller to ask for money for trustee training. 


    Advocacy Day has been set for March 5 and we want to have the same presence as last year. Mary Ellen spoke at Southern Tier event that focused on how their system is implementing the 2020 plan.


    FINANCE:  Mark presented 2013 budget. Dues budgeted is higher than received in years prior. To hit this number will require more intense efforts and outreach. For March meeting the group would like to discuss more about LTA board members getting out to train for member libraries trustees and charging nonmember libraries.

    There was a motion to approve the 2013 budget made by Adria.   The motion was seconded by Bola. The motion was approved and the budget passed unanimously. 

    Suzanne called in for this portion of the meeting.
    2013 Trustee Institute to be hosted by three library systems in the greater Buffalo area. It will be held first weekend in May at the Millennium Hotel near the airport. Suzanne presented on program ideas.  Suzanne asked about contact with system directors in that area. This needs to occur so that they may review some of the topics we have discussed as well as learn some potential keynote speakers from that area. 


    Thursday night of Institute weekend may be a hospitality evening and fund raiser. Kim and Mary Ellen are working on this and will email the group with further developments. Also we want to set a theme for the whole weekend. 'Institute System Trifecta' - or welcome to the 2013 Trustee Institute, a winning trifecta of 3 systems. Give away deck cards with logo for each attendee, center pieces for meals would have some tie into theme as would promotional materials. A 50/50 raffle will be held on Friday evening or Saturday to help with funding. Or if we had an item like an IPad this may allow us to open it to wider audience and have option for people to enter raffle through mail. 

    Mary Ellen spoke about our role at NYLA conference. There's a meeting for planning for 2013 conference. Martha volunteered to lead our effort at NYLA this year. Mary Ellen will let NYLA know that she will be attending the planning meeting.

    EXECUTIVE:  no report

    Advocacy Day is Tue March 5. Kim reported for the day LTA will have t shirts to sell at $10 piece. We will order 50 shirts in total.

    George reported we are off to our best start since 2008. We need to get 2012 members to renew in 2013 and this is significantly influence the income line. George will contact System Board Presidents to expedite renewal or new memberships.

    Margaret left the meeting at 1:25 pm


    Bola presented a possible slate of officers for next year.  

    President: Tish, Bob

     Vice-President: Tish John

    Adria nominated by Mary Ellen, declined

     Secretary: Kim, Bola

      Treasurer: Mark


    Reviewed responsibilities of Executive Board and descriptions in BY-Laws. Bola will need to confirm Tish as nominee. Voting suspended to March.


    Prospective LTA Board Members:

    Edwin Albert Pell – Kingston Library, Mid-Hudson Library System – Mary Ellen to follow-up

    Philip Archer – Southern Tier Library System – has not pursued membership


    Adria spoke on the newsletter and the content of the website (which improves monthly).  Tish continues to work with Jarrod on website improvements. Tish submitted notes to be read. This includes working with Jarrod on the LTA blog and members only section.


    Articles in the Trustee and website have been shared. The number of awards was discussed at this year's coming Institute. Since we are having the event with the three systems, each will have the opportunity to submit nominations for awards but the number of awards to be given will remain at one outstanding friend and one trustee. 

    Discussion was had relating to the need to hire someone who can dedicate all their time to LTA versus shared consultant like we have currently (replace Margaret Malicki). The report was led by Adria.

    Location? Albany

    Title? Executive Director, Business Manager, Administrative Assistant

    Job Description: Administrative tasks, details provided by current consultant

    Opportunity to expand responsibilities, Fund-raising, Maintaining a continuous presence with legislators and continue initiative with Regents and State Librarians


    Mary Ellen left the meeting at 2:30 pm



    Continue within independent contractor/consultant


    Skills: minimum Bachelors



    Stay within $30,000 parameters

    Clarify expenses

    Strong advocate within non-profit


    Bonded required by By-Laws

    Review/Evaluation: set contract limit; renewable



    Board Meeting Dates in 2013:  March 1/2, May 3, Sept 20/21

    NEW BUSINESS:  None was discussed.


    ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 3:25 when George closed it. (Mary Ellen had left at 2:30 at which time the VP led the meeting .)

    Submitted by,   Margaret Malicki  (and Martha Anderson)            January 14, 2013

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