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  • LTA Board of Directors Meeting


    LTA Board of Directors Meeting
    Hampton Inn in Albany, NY
    Saturday, November 17, 2012

    ATTENDANCE:  Present: Mary Ellen O'Connor, Kim Garrett, John Eberhardt, Suzanne Stockman, Tish Fontanella, George Stamatiades , Bob Presutti and Adria Ripka. Excused: Mark Friden  Absent: Bola Majekdunmi

    CALL TO ORDER:  Mary Ellen called the meeting to order at  9:12am. No Public Comment at this time.

    Mary Ellen indicated that we have a new board member to approve. Tish made a motion to approve Martha Anderson from the Ramapo-Catskill Library System, to fulfill the term of Norm Gallagher's. John seconded it. The motion carried with one abstention from Kim Garrett.

    MINUTES:  Minutes from the May 2012 meeting were still not collected and could not be voted on. 

     Adria made a motion to approve the September 29, 2012 board minutes. George seconded it. The motion was approved and the vote passed unanimously.  

    GUEST INTRODUCTIONS: Carol Desch joined the meeting at 9:20 am. Jarrod Baker joined the meeting 10:30 am. 

    Mary Ellen asked to change meeting order. George made a motion to change meeting order and John seconded it. The motion carried.

    TREASURER'S REPORT: Mark was absent and Margaret briefly presented and reviewed the Treasurer's Report.  A second withdrawal of $10,000 was executed in November to cover expenses until membership income could be collected. Report is to be filed.

    PRESIDENT'S REPORT:  Mary Ellen detailed the following items in her report:

    Mary Ellen to meet with State librarian and Regent Tilles to update on activities of LTA.

    Mary Ellen asked trustees to consider attending the assembly on Nov 29th for the hearing on library funding. Advocacy Day has been set for March 6 and we want to have the same presence as last year.

    Mary Ellen followed up on the option for members only to research legal information on LTA's website. Joe Eisner, who is not a lawyer, will provide guidance and refer to an attorney accordingly. Our work is being developed the same time as NYLA and we will coordinate with them. There will be a charge and income will be shared between Eisner and LTA. NYLA is forming the same relationship with Eisner.


    Mary Ellen asked if Martha and Adria would help create questions for a survey.


    FINANCE:  no report


    2013 Trustee Institute to be hosted by three library systems in the greater Buffalo area. It will be held first weekend in May at the Millennium Hotel near the airport. Suzanne presented on program ideas.  


    We were well represented at NYLA conference. Our booth and programs went well.

    EXECUTIVE:  no report


    Advocacy Day is March 6. Does LTA want to have shirts for trustees? We know at least our gold stickers worked well. Kim asked board members to send her T-shirt ideas.


    George reported that the membership mailing was sent in the following two ways. First a special promotion was done to non member library trustees and the second was the general membership mailing. Margaret to provide a written membership report at the next meeting.

    NOMINATING:  no report


    Adria spoke on the newsletter and the content of the website (which improves monthly). The group also talked about activating a members only section. Tish continues to work with Jarrod on website improvements.

    Articles in the Trustee and website have been made.


    Discussion was had relating to the need to hire someone who can dedicate all their time to LTA versus shared consultant like we have currently (replace Margaret Malicki). 


    Trustee Certification-Bob provided updated version. Tish will include it in the web posting. 


    At this time the proposed by-law changes were discussed. Specifically addressed was the language as shared by Mark Friden in an email for Article II, Membership. Bob made a motion to change the bylaws as outlined. George seconded the motion. The motion was approved and the vote passed unanimously.  

    Board Meeting Dates in 2013:  Jan 11/12, March 1/2, May 3, Sept 13/14

    ADJOURNMENT: Mary Ellen adjourned the meeting at 3:12 pm.

    Submitted by,   Margaret Malicki              November 17, 2012

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