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  • LTA Board of Directors Meeting


    ATTENDANCE: Present: Mary Ellen O’Connor, Jim Britell, Kim Garrett, John Eberhardt, Suzanne Stockman, Mark Friden, Tish Fontanella, George Stamatiades, Norm Gallagher, Sally Swierczek, Bola Majekodunmi, Adria Ripka.

    CALL TO ORDER: Mary Ellen called the meeting to order at 9: 20 am. No Public Comment.

    MINUTES: George made a motion to approve the September 10, 2011 meeting minutes. John seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously.

    GUEST INTRODUCTIONS: Carol Desch joined the meeting at 9:30 am. She reported on Regents activity to form statewide report. Construction grants more competitive last year and expect the same for this year. Also asked trustees to come to legislative hearing on Nov. 29, 2011.This particular meeting is very specific to library funding. Assemblymen want to know what impact 22% cut in library aid has had. The hearing allows directors, trustees and users to say what are the significance of the cuts. Mary Ellen asked if LTA board members want to submit testimony to her she would collect and submit as total. Submissions should be made by Wed. November 23rd. Property Tax Cap legislation update policy is on the NYLA website however it is a work in progress. Libraries are being treated as local governments and must pass a resolution to exceed the cap. The library board would need to vote on the resolution to exceed the cap. Libraries should visit system directors first if they have questions on the cap. LSTA federal money purposes can allow states to use the money for training. While authority is there the funds are not. Systems could make this a priority and make it a focus of their request. Kim made a motion to change the order of the agenda and discuss the Trustee Institute at this time. Norm seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously. (See section labeled Education for this report)

    TREASURER’S REPORT: Mark presented and reviewed the Treasurer’s Report. It will be filed for the record.

    PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Mary Ellen detailed the following items in her report: * Met with Roger Tilles on how to get trustee training in place. He asked a task force be put together. This occurred at the NYLA conference. Trustee Training Task Force Meeting - System Directors: Rusty Wiig, Tom Binderman, Sarah Dallas and Kevin Verbesy, State Library: Jeff Cannell, Carol Desch, plus Jerry Nichols, John Eberhardt and Mary Ellen O’Connor. Jerry Nichols is writing a syllabus for face to face and online training. John added that the enthusiasm for trustee training from each was focused and well communicated.

    • Pulisdo Meeting Mary Ellen spoke at the meeting. Updated them on the policy database and its development and education of trustees. Report was well received. John was at the meeting and shared that 22 of 23 system directors were in attendance.
    • Mary Ellen met with Mary Jane Jakubowski and Tom Binderman in Buffalo area and shared our interest in region and that Institute will be held in Buffalo region in 2013. It will be one that encompasses the three systems.
    • LTA board member attendance at the NYLA conference was great and timely.
    • Mary Ellen asked George to report on the LTA session at the NYLA conference. It was well attended despite the location of the session in another hotel. Vendor area comments- it would be helpful to have three laptops, three screens and projectors, get a big banner. Ask Tim if it would help to have graduate students there to help.


    FINANCE: The 2012 budget was presented by Mark for approval. Adria made a motion to approve the 2012 Budget. The motion was approved unanimously.

    EDUCATION: George reported on the LTA role in the NYLA conference November 3–5. Tim Gavin ran a LTA table at the conference again this year. Margie Morris from the Poestenkill Library as the Nook winner. Suzanne presented on the Institute: May 4th and 5th at Marriott Hotel in Hempstead at Coliseum off the Meadowbrook Parkway. Bola will meet with Jackie Thresher to discuss particulars and library to tour. Efforts are being made to secure controller/staff to speak on tax cap. This would be ideal for joint session. Session repurposing your library will be presented by Belfiore. Still need three more – Parliamentary Procedures, Advocacy, and Safety and Security. Keynote invite out to C. Kennedy and have discussed it with Carl McCall. Another person possibly would be Donna Hanover, an author. Discussion was had about hosting a PAC fund raiser.

    EXECUTIVE: no report

    LEGISLATION: Tish reported that the legislative priorities proposed by NYLA are out. This committee will be asking our systems to participate in efforts like Advocacy Day on Tuesday, March 6. Or to see your legislative rep prior to this date. LTA should have a table that ‘checks in’ trustees and gives these individuals pins.

    MEMBERSHIP: The membership mailing will be sent just prior to Thanksgiving. Jim reported on his calls to library presidents in his system. The calls were directed at the non member libraries to introduce us, get LTA in the budget and hear their thoughts. Jim suggests that each LTA board member call their libraries and he will guide the group.

    NOMINATING: no report

    COMMUNICATIONS: Adria reported on meeting using a conference call which allowed for increased efforts. She also encourages committees to do the same and make use of google docs for your committees. Basically deadlines for newsletter and web is the 15th of the month. Tish shared that our navigation bar expanded and has drop down menus.

    AWARDs: The awards need to be publicized in the fall newsletter. Sally will prepare newsletter articles and prepare text for email which should be posted on the LTA list serve. VKM Award Distinguished Service Award Outstanding Trustee Award Outstanding Friends Award


    • Corporate sponsors – Mary Ellen is working on a couple relationships.
    • New Yorkers for Better Libraries PAC is now on website.
    • Web meeting on January 7
    • Bylaws discussed and need to adjust. At this time the proposed changes were tabled.


    • none

    Next board meeting will be a conference call and is on Saturday, January 7th at 9:00 am. John made motion to adjourn at 3:12 pm. The motion was approved unanimously.

    2012 meeting dates: Jan 7, March 2/3, May 4/5 (Institute), June 22/23, Sept 7/8, Nov 16/17

    ADJOURNMENT: Mary Ellen adjourned the meeting at 3:12 pm. Submitted by, Margaret Malicki November 19, 2011

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